HIEUTHUHAI was discovered by Truong Giang and is secretly dating Tieu Vy

After the witty juggling acts at 2 days 1 nightTruong Giang and “youngest brother” HIEUTHHUHAI reunited on the air Thank goodness you’re here new season. Despite different roles, in the new playground, Truong Giang and juniors still combine very well.

It seems that the familiar “home ground” has brought many advantages to Muoi Kho, easily “teasing” juniors, making the audience laugh. Play the role of a tycoon father and son, Truong Giang and a rapper Turn on the music Tell the most “insane” story in history Thank goodness you’re here.

HIEUTHHUHAI was discovered by Truong Giang to be secretly dating Tieu Vy - Photo 1.

Truong Giang and HIEUTHUHAi play the role of a father and son causing confusion

HIEUTHHUHAI is the only child of “Ten Difficult” but was forbidden by his father to sing to help support the family business. Not only that, the study in the past and the origin of the guy’s name were also revealed: “I am very mischievous in school, every Monday I have to stand on a flagpole to review, so I call it HIEUTHUHAI”.

HIEUTHUHAI was discovered by Truong Giang to be secretly dating Tieu Vy - Photo 2.

Ten Difficult to explain the stage name HIEUTHUHAI, and at the same time expose the love history of boys

Not stopping there, Muoi Kho also revealed his son’s secret dating story when he asked: “You are dating a girl named Tieu Vy, very beautiful?”. In response, the guy confusedly admitted: “Yes, it’s beautiful, that’s right.”

This son also made Truong Giang’s father “fall back” when he secretly dated a business partner of Kha Nhu’s family, even though they were 25 years older than each other. In particular, the situation was pushed to the climax when the self-proclaimed girl Tieu Vy appeared and revealed that she was pregnant with HIEUTHHUHAI.

HIEUTHHUHAI was discovered by Truong Giang to be secretly dating Tieu Vy - Photo 3.

Kha Nhu is like “auntie” in HIEUTHUHAI

Standing in front of two women, the male rapper decided to choose love but will still be responsible, worried, and nurturing when the baby is born.

Many viewers expressed their excitement with the response of the handsome male rapper and the “stubborn” father Truong Giang. Especially the sweet Italian shot without knowing the meaning made viewers laugh and breathe.

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