His hands are not healthy, the 4-and-a-half-year-old boy makes his own cakes, peels apples

His hands are not healthy, the 4-and-a-half-year-old boy makes his own cakes and peels apples - Photo 1.

Sam Sam told his classmates that the boy lost his left fingers because he fought with dinosaurs to protect his mother – Photo: SCMP

The story of a boy named Ginseng (Sen Sen) in Thap Ha city, Henan province, China is causing a fever on this country’s social networks. The boy was born without any fingers on his left hand, but has learned to live with this.

In the video is the account Beijing Radio and Television (BRTV) re-shared on China’s Weibo social network, Ginseng makes dumplings masterfully and can do many other things on his own. The video was posted on January 13, and as of January 18, it has more than 5.8 million views.

In an interview with local media, Ms. Tran, Sam Sam’s mother, said that the boy tried to overcome the difficulties caused by his disability. Ginseng can do everyday tasks such as dressing, peeling fruit, peeling eggs… as well as buttoning clothes.

Ms. Tran recorded a video of Sam Sam making dumplings, after the boy was curious about making this type of steamed buns and asked his mother to let him try it.

“Sam Sam ate all the dumplings made by his own hands, and was very happy,” Tran said.

Many people praised Ginseng’s mastery in kneading dough, rolling crust and wrapping dumplings. “What a cute and hardworking child!” – a network user writes.

Ginseng makes dumplings, buttoning clothes… and peeling eggs – Video: BRTV

Sam Sam’s mother said that she and her husband felt guilty for not giving birth to a healthy child.“But we have chosen to face this disability, rather than cover it up. We are teaching Ginseng to be confident and hopefully he won’t care what others see of him in the future.” – Ms. Tran shared.

When Sam Sam started kindergarten a year ago, many of his classmates considered him a strange person.

However, Sam Sam told his classmates: “My hand was injured when fighting dinosaurs to protect my mother”. Sam Sam’s mother said later that some of the children admired the boy.

Ms. Tran said she often posts videos of her son’s daily life on social media. She hopes everyone’s concern will encourage the boy. “Later, when he grows up and faces moments of disappointment, he can watch these videos again to see how great he was as a kid,” Tran said.


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