Hitman 3 will support VR feature on PC early next year

According to Neowin, this announcement was made by publisher IO Interactive right after the announcement that the World of Assassination trilogy had attracted the important milestone of 50 million players. Hitman 3 is one of three titles from World of Assassination.

Hitman 3 will support VR on PC early next year - Photo 1

Hitman 3 Year 2 will be officially released on January 20, 2022

The studio also provided a trailer for what players can expect from the Year 2 release of Hitman 3, where the game will have some pretty cool additions. Specifically, early next year, Hitman 3 will offer indefinite Elusive Target missions as well as support for virtual reality (VR) and ray tracing on PC. New maps, storylines, modes, and more are also being worked on by the studio to be added next year. There are also some unexpected features that the community has been wanting for a very long time.


As for the PC VR implementation, this appears to be an upgrade over the existing PlayStation VR version, at least based on the short snippets shown in the game’s intro video. On PlayStation VR, players are limited to using the DualShock controller, but on PC, the video shows the developers using the Index and Rift S motion controllers to interact with the weapon.

Hitman 3 – Year 2 is expected to begin rolling out on January 20, 2022. In addition, IO Interactive is also planning to deliver a major update to the game this spring, with more details to be revealed later.


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