Holiday leaves 5 orphans because of Covid-19

AmericaA newborn baby with 4 siblings in California orphaned both parents because of Covid-19 after the whole family returned from vacation.

For the past 18 months, husband and wife Daniel Macias, 39, and Davy Macias, 37, of California, have been very cautious about Covid-19. They disinfect surfaces, shower after shifts, and buy food via delivery.

But last month, the whole family decided to take a vacation to a water park to relax, before the kids went back to school. After returning home, Davy, 7 months pregnant, was hospitalized and was confirmed to have the Delta variant. A few days later, her husband, Daniel, also had to be treated at the same hospital.

The doctor decided to cesarean section 8 days before Davy, a nurse, died of complications from Covid-19 on August 26. Daniel heard the news of his daughter’s birth while in the hospital bed and could only see her through the nurse’s photo. He also passed away on September 9, leaving behind four children aged 2-7 and a three-week-old newborn daughter.

Macias and his wife and 4 young children.  Photo: KKTV.

Macias and his wife and 4 young children. Photo: KKTV.

“There are no words to describe the pain of losing both him and Davy,” Terri Serey, Daniel’s sister-in-law, wrote on the GoFundMe fundraiser to raise money to raise five children. “Pray for their children. They have lost two angels and still have a long way to go.”

As of the afternoon of September 14, the fundraising page has raised more than 241,000 USD and countless items for the Macias children. The children are being cared for by their grandparents.

“The Macias love their children very much and tell them that every day,” said Serey. “I want them to understand how much their parents love them, how they are loved by everyone.”

Daniel is a middle school teacher. The Railto School District offered condolences to the Macias family, saying it “will forever remember him as a compassionate, kind, cheerful, generous teacher, as well as a devoted family man”.

Terry Macias, Daniel’s mother, said the trip to the water park was a “fatal holiday” that caused her five grandchildren to lose both parents. She had to work very hard to inform her grandchildren that their parents were no more.

She said the day Daniel died, his 3-year-old daughter suddenly woke up and told her that she had just dreamed that her father came back from the hospital. When her grandmother announced her father had passed away, the little girl burst into tears, recalling her dream. “I know, baby, but sometimes our dreams don’t come true,” she patted him.

Davy is a medical worker on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic, but has not been vaccinated for fear of affecting the fetus. It is not clear if her husband has been vaccinated.

“Covid-19 does not discriminate between rich and poor, the hospital is a scary place now,” Davy wrote on Facebook in January. “Nurses are all tired, we are very worried every time we go to work, sit in the car. and cry after a long shift. We mourn for our patients and their families.”

Vong Serey, Davy’s brother, said that before being put on a breathing tube, Daniel urged people to get vaccinated against the dreaded Delta mutation. “Thanks to him, I changed my mind about vaccines,” Vong said. “When Covid-19 is near your door, you will see its impact.”

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