Homemade car from scrap iron, lack of shell is perfect

Nigerian man makes his own car from scrap – Video: @krakstv/Instagram

In the video posted on Instagram account @krakstv, the young man was driving around town while people were smiling at him.

The specific identity of the young man is unknown, but it can be determined that he lives in Nigeria. Instagram “residents” have heaped praise on this creation. Some advised him to pursue a career in car building, while others “complied” him for being so confident in driving away without paying attention to people’s eyes.

– Seriously pursue this career. You will have a very bright future.

– Wow, great video.

– Everyone sees that you are really talented. Just need to refine the car more. I’ve never been able to do anything out of the ordinary.

– Really welcome. The car can actually move. Just wrapping and decorating the outside is perfect.

Before that, another person also living in Nigeria attracted attention when driving a car made mostly of metal, except for the tires and really necessary parts.

Another Nigerian also built his own car from scrap – Video: Viral Only

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