Hospital stops delivering babies because nurses don’t give vaccines

America30 nurses decided not to vaccinate and quit, causing Lewis County General Hospital, New York to suspend delivery services from the end of this month.

“The number of layoffs leaves us with no choice but to discontinue midwifery services at Lewis County General Hospital,” said Geral Cayer, executive director of the Lewis County Health System. According to this decision, the hospital will stop delivering births from September 24, due to a lack of fully vaccinated midwives.

Lewis County General Hospital, New York State

Lewis County General Hospital, New York State. Photo: Google Maps

New York state has required medical staff to vaccinate against Covid-19, in the context of the Delta mutation raging in the US. Mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers are exempt on medical grounds, but nurses may not use religious reasons to refuse injections. Hospital and nursing home staff must enforce immunization requirements by September 27.

Nearly three-quarters of employees in the Lewis County Health System got vaccinated after mandatory vaccinations were announced in August. However, 30 people have applied for leave, including 21 who work in the district. in the medical examination area, 165 people still have not been vaccinated.

“Essential health services are at risk,” Cayer said. “It’s not because of vaccination regulations. It guarantees us a healthy workforce.”

The obstetrics and gynecology department of Lewis General Hospital has been understaffed for a long time, and was further affected after 6 midwives quit. Another 7 people are debating whether to get the shot or not. The hospital management could not provide enough staff for the obstetrics and neonatology department.

Pregnant women may have to be transferred to other hospitals in the area. Many other departments are also facing the risk of shortage of staff and hospitals encourage staff to get injections.

“I’ve been asked many times if I support mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers and others,” Cayer said. “Sure we have”.

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