How are retired electric car batteries handled?

How are retired electric car batteries handled?  - Photo 1.

The battery is the main factor that makes the price of electric cars higher than gasoline cars in the current segment – Photo: GM

Because electric vehicles are only in the “budding” stage, it is not urgent for many car manufacturers to handle a large number of electric vehicle batteries after the above number of vehicles end their life cycle. However, in the next 5, 10 years, this story will be very different when the number of electric cars sold globally reaches millions, maybe even tens of millions of vehicles per year.

According to reference data from Renault, electric vehicle batteries are in the category of lithium-ion (the most common type today) with a lifespan of 10-15 years. After the above period, the storage capacity of the electric battery is only about 75% of the original – not enough to serve the needs of large and frequent use like a car, but still good enough to serve many other lighter items.

How are retired electric car batteries handled?  - Photo 2.

The battery is experimentally used as a backup source for sustainable charging stations that use both alternative electricity such as solar power obtained from the solar panel above – Photo: Autocar

For example, Audi is experimenting with using old electric vehicle batteries (which they have been testing for years) as a tuk-tuk battery, or as a storage source for their charging stations, or more broadly. is the local power grid, there is always a stable power source in case of an incident. In Japan, Nissan is using old electric batteries to power street lights.

Another solution for electric batteries is recycling. 100% of the materials used in electric batteries can be recycled, but a large part of them does not have as much value as phosphate or iron.

In contrast, rare metals are in dire need of reuse because they are both expensive and hard to find, at least in the near future. Currently, many car manufacturers are looking for ways to develop electric vehicle batteries that do not need rare metals like cobalt, but this is not an easy problem.

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