How does China do fast, safe and scientific testing?

During the outbreak in mid-July, many cities of 4.5 to 12 million people in China mass tested the entire population 6 to 12 times. Depending on the epidemic situation in each locality, the health sector decides to test according to the type of 6, 10 or individual samples if the epidemic is severe. Wuhan has 12 million people, more than a dozen cases, this city mobilizes 28,000 medical workers to take samples in less than 5 days. The important thing for rapid testing is that when needed, localities immediately build inflatable testing houses.

How does China do fast, safe and scientific testing?  - Photo 1.

China has developed this technology, with 1 house every day can give 200,000 samples – if the sample is 10, 2 million people have been tested. Repeated mass testing is an important factor in helping China quickly control the outbreak and limit its spread.

When the city launches mass testing of the entire population, the apartment buildings notify people to register on the apartment group by scanning QR codes on their phones. Register according to the time frames to take samples until the number is full, then stop. These apartments are registered to the sub-zones as a collection of apartments. They then return a list of specific dates and times for each person to arrive at the test site. Thus, people do not have to wait and gather in large numbers.

Before entering the sampling area, each person must scan a health QR code, go through a body temperature meter, help medical staff screen people with a history of going to epidemic areas and high body temperature to separate, from That minimizes the risk of infection. In urban areas, most authorities only allow people to own apartments, so the implementation of anti-epidemic solutions is also convenient. As for rural areas, the government often transports people to the testing site or to their homes to take samples.

Digitization platform thrives in China, citizen data is stored on the national system, so most of the steps only take place on the phone, on the internet without any paperwork, so contact is also limited. and spread disease.

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