How is the baby with “skin and bone” cancer in the viral photo that once brought tears to the world now? The current situation few people can expect

In 2019, a black and white photo of a girl patting her brother in the toilet was shared dizzy on social networks around the world. The touching story and heartwarming picture conveyed has become an icon for those battling cancer.

How is the baby with

This simple image that contains a sad story has brought tears to many people

The main character in the photo is Beckett Burge (4 years old) – a boy with leukemia and his sister Aubrey (5 years old). Despite being very young, Beckett struggled every day because of the terrible leukemia. Diagnosed with the disease at the age of 3, the boy had to get used to the smell of the hospital every day, his health deteriorated severely, his hair fell out, and his body was thin. With each passing day, the unfortunate child’s condition worsened. According to the family’s share, the boy was so weak that he no longer had the strength to cry.

The heartbreaking photo captures the pitiful situation of a cancer patient, but it also warms the hearts of viewers because of the child’s energy and the care and love of loved ones. The person who took the photo is none other than Kaitlin Burge – the mother of two children. After the image suddenly went viral, many people called Beckett a “brave lead soldier” and sent millions of wishes for his recovery, even though everyone knew that hope was slim. Beckett’s illness has always been considered quite serious and the family has always been prepared for the worst to happen.

How is the baby with
How is the baby with

The energy of a 4-year-old boy makes adults admire too

But few people would have guessed that at the end of 2021, 2 years after taking that heartbreaking photo, the Burge family shared great news that Beckett had won cancer. That miraculous miracle made everyone burst into tears and congratulate Beckett. The boy’s story has once again sparked hope and optimism for many people with similar circumstances.

How is the baby with

Beckett was greeted by many doctors and nurses on the day of discharge from the hospital

The boy’s mother shared a tearful caption with a photo of her son being discharged from the hospital: “When the doctor said that tomorrow night is the last day of chemotherapy, my heart wants to explode. I’m so proud of my son. This time he won.”

How is the baby with

Little Beckett is now healthy and has a bright future ahead of him

Currently, “brave lead soldier” Beckett is 6 years old and can go back to school. Overcoming the cancer battle, although my health has not yet fully recovered, I can now live a happy and active life like friends of the same age. The most important thing is Beckett no longer had to fear death.

Sister Aubrey was of course still the boy’s best friend. The mother of the two children happily shared that the two sisters now go to school together, ride bicycles and always stay together. During 3 years boy Beckett has to battle cancer, Aubrey, even though she was very young, always took care of her brother with great care.

How is the baby with

2 sisters are very close and love each other

How is the baby with

The boy’s story is like a miracle that spreads positive energy

Source: The Sun

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