How the American ‘hero’ shot down the shooter at the mall

Hearing gunshots in the Greenwood mall food court, 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken pulled out her Glock and approached the suspect.

Wearing shorts and a T-shirt, Dicken on the evening of July 17 went out with his girlfriend Shay Goldman, 19, at the Greenwood mall, Indianapolis, Indiana. The two suddenly heard gunshots from the food court in the mall.

Gunman Douglas Sapiriman, 20, then carrying two rifles, a shotgun and more than 100 rounds of ammunition, opened fire on shoppers.

Elisjsha Dicken, who neutralized the shooter in the Greenwood shopping mall on July 17.  Photo: CNN

Elisjsha Dicken, who neutralized the shooter in the Greenwood shopping mall on July 17. Image: CNN

Without hesitation, Dicken pulled out the Glock pistol he carried, managed to get close to the gunman, aimed and neutralized Sapirman within two minutes of the first gunshot. Sapiriman fired 24 rifle rounds before being destroyed.

“I have to say that his actions were very heroic. He approached the gunman from quite a distance, while only holding a handgun,” Greenwood police chief James Ison said at a press conference on Tuesday. /7. “Many more people could have died if it weren’t for a gun-carrying and responsible citizen who reacted so quickly within the first two minutes.”

When Sapiriman started shooting, Dicken “moved very tactically” to approach, although he had never been trained in the police or the military, but was only taught to shoot by his grandfather. As he approached Sapiriman, Dicken signaled everyone to run behind him.

Dicken then accurately returns “from quite a distance”, knocking Sapiriman down.

Because the Greenwood Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation into the shooting, Dicken is not authorized to speak about what happened. Guy A. Relford, the attorney representing Dicken, said in a statement that he was proud to represent “a true American hero who saved many lives”.

“He’s a superhero,” said Alison Dick, whose 12-year-old daughter was injured in the shooting.

Dicken’s case is notable because it’s rare for an armed civilian to attack a shooter, according to data from the Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Program (ALERRT) at the University of Texas. .

Data shows that there were at least 434 mass shootings in the United States between 2000 and 2021. Of these, 22 were gun-wielding passers-by killing attackers, including 10 “heroes” being security guards. guard or police officer not on duty.

Returning firearms to civilians with guns can be confusing and have serious consequences. A civilian who shot and killed a gunman in a shopping mall in Arvada, Colorado in 2021 was shot dead by police, who mistook him for the assailant.

After killing the gunman, Dicken “approached the mall security officer, presented him as the one who neutralized the shooter” and waited for police to arrive, Ison said.

The police came to take Dicken to the interrogation station. Dicken’s testimony is consistent with the crime scene video.

“He’s been through great upheaval,” Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers said. “I ask everyone to respect his privacy, give him time to calm down after the past.”

Hong Hanh (Theo CNN)

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