How to pay the entrance fee for University – College 2022 online via VNPT Money

The university – college admission registration system in 2022 allows parents and candidates to choose 1 of 15 different payment channels (provided on the National Public Service Portal) to pay the application fee at the address

Prominent in this list of payment channels is VNPT Money of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT). VNPT Money channel provides all payment methods available on the Admissions System, including: E-wallet, Mobile Money, payment via QR Code and Bank Account (of nearly 40 banks) domestic goods).

Besides, to add convenience to users, VNPT Money has also provided a feature “Pay University Admission Fee” right on this application. Accordingly, candidates or parents can freely choose the appropriate payment method to pay the fee. In particular, it is easy to pay for relatives and friends, without the minimum payment limit like some other payment channels.

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Instructions for paying fees online:

Option 1: Pay on the website of the Admissions Registration System

– Step 1: Visit the website

– Step 2: Enter your login information and press the “Login” button.

– Step 3: In the function area on the left, select “Register for admissions information”, then select “Payment” at the main screen.

– Step 4: Check the information about the registered candidate, the amount of money that the candidate needs to pay, select “Confirm payment”.

– Step 5: Select the payment method you want to make: VNPT Money, Mobile Money or other banks via VNPT Money, then select “Payment”.

– Step 6: Fill in the information according to the instructions on the screen to complete the transaction or open the VNPT Money application on your phone, scan the QR Code on the screen to pay.

Method 2: Pay on VNPT Money app

– Step 1: Download the VNPT Money app and register for a free account (skip this step if you already have a VNPT Money account).

– Step 2: At the homepage of VNPT Money application, select “Pay the University Admission Fee”.

– Step 3: Log in to the Admissions System and follow the same payment steps as in Method 1.

As a pioneer in the process of connecting payments on the National Public Service Portal (DVC), in recent years, VNPT Money has actively participated in the digitization of payment for public services. After nearly 3 years of the National Service Portal being launched and serving people, VNPT Money is now considered as a payment channel that many people trust and choose when paying for public services on the Portal. Up to now, this is also the provider of a full range of Payment Methods on the National Service Portal, including a new type of payment via Mobile Money.

The payment interface via VNPT Money is designed to be simple, easy to operate and friendly for users of all ages and regions. In particular, VNPT Money is applied high-tech platforms, ensuring information safety and security factors, meeting high-level PCI – DSS international security standards, so candidates and parents complete peace of mind during the payment process.

Points to note in the process of paying the application fee for university and college entrance exams 2022

The payment of fees is made on the University and College Admission Application System in 2022 at the address According to the guidance of the Ministry, only candidates who have registered to apply for admission by the method of considering high school graduation exam scores will have to pay the fee.

In order to ensure that candidates’ online payment procedures are safe and convenient, and to avoid overload, the Ministry of Education and Training has adjusted the schedule for candidates to make online payments on the enrollment system according to the enrollment system. 6 groups of provinces/cities with different times. Specifically:

How to pay the entrance fee for University - College 2022 online via VNPT Money - Photo 2.

Parents and candidates should pay attention to the above instructions so that the process of paying the university – college admission fee through VNPT Money is convenient. In case of needing support, parents and candidates can call VNPT Money’s free 24/7 Customer Care Center: 18001091 (branch 3).

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