How to use air conditioner to cool quickly and save electricity? The answer will be in the article below!

Air conditioner is considered a “savior” in the summer, a familiar item of families. However, using air conditioners is quite energy-intensive, so how to use it to save the most is always what the association is concerned about.

Don’t worry, here are ways that you can apply to solve this worry.

How to use air conditioner to cool quickly and save money

How to use air conditioner to cool quickly and save electricity?  The answer will be in the article below!  - Photo 1.

Air conditioner is a familiar item in every family, but not everyone knows how to use it properly. (Illustrated image)

The air conditioner takes a certain amount of time to cool the whole room. Therefore, many users often have the habit of reducing the temperature of the air conditioner to a low level to cool the room quickly.

However, the habit of using an air conditioner like this can consume 3-4 times more power than usual because at this time the air conditioner will have to run at maximum capacity.

To improve this situation, you should turn on more fans or use a nebulizer and humidifier. These devices will help increase the ability to circulate cold air in the room, thereby helping to cool the room faster than if you just turn on the air conditioner.

Not to mention, if you turn on the air conditioner at a low temperature, you may also encounter unpredictable health hazards.

How to turn on the fan or nebulizer/humidifier correctly while using the air conditioner?

However, turning on a fan or a fogger/humidifier in combination with the air conditioner will cool the room faster, saving energy as well as the family’s finances. However, it is not good for you to keep it on all the time when using the air conditioner.

The first 15-20 minutes when starting the air conditioner is the time when you should turn on the fan or nebulizer/humidifier. And note that the air conditioner should not be turned on below 20 degrees.

When the room is cool enough, it is necessary to turn off the fan and other cooling devices (except for the air conditioner) to save energy and prevent the room from getting too cold.

With just one simple step like this, you will save a small amount of money. However, in addition to this, you also need to pay attention to some other issues to save electricity when using air conditioners.

How to use air conditioner to cool quickly and save electricity?  The answer will be in the article below!  - Photo 2.

When the room is cool enough, turn off the fan or nebulizer/humidifier.

Other notes when using the air conditioner

1. Close the door when turning on the air conditioner:

This is the first thing to do when turning on the air conditioner, but many times we still forget. If the door is opened while the air conditioner is on, the cold air will escape, and the outside temperature will also overflow, causing the room temperature to rise, causing the air conditioner to take longer to cool the room.

So, remember to close all the doors in the room when the air conditioner is on so as not to waste electricity.

2. Do not let direct sunlight into the room:

The direct sunlight entering the room causes the room temperature to rise. At that time, the air conditioner will have to continue to operate at full capacity to cool the room, which consumes electricity.

3. Do not turn on/off the air conditioner continuously:

Constantly turning on / off the air conditioner not only damages the machine, but also consumes more power. You should know that, after each shutdown, the air conditioner will have to restart from the beginning to cool, causing more energy consumption. Therefore, you should limit this situation, especially for families with young children.

4. Regular cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners:

Air conditioners, like all other items, need to be cared for, cleaned and maintained in order to function properly and prolong the life of the air conditioner. So do not ignore this habit.

5. Choose an air conditioner with the right capacity:

There are many types of air conditioners with different capacities. However, everything is designed for a reason. A small air conditioner cannot cool enough for a large room. Or else, it will also have to operate at a very large capacity. In contrast, the use of large capacity air conditioners in small rooms will waste energy.

Accordingly, this is an important step when deciding to buy an air conditioner because it will affect the experience of the whole process of use.

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