Huawei is determined to lead 6G with an effort to ‘go beyond all limits’

Huawei is determined to lead 6G by trying to overcome all limits - Photo 1.

Huawei founder Nham Chinh Phi – Photo: EPA

September 15, newspaper Nikkei Asia revealed Mr. Ren encouraged employees to “go beyond all limits” and set global standards for the emerging industry during a gathering in August 2021.

Addressing Huawei scientists, researchers and trainees, Mr. Ren affirmed that his corporation will continue to develop 5G technology and artificial intelligence (AI), and strive to strengthen its position. leadership in next-generation technology.

The Huawei founder also acknowledged that trade restrictions imposed by the US have affected its mobile phone business. Mr. Ren said Huawei currently cannot access some of the most advanced technologies available today, including semiconductor chips.

“Researching 6G is a backup step for unexpected mishaps, and we aim to hold the foundation of 6G patents,” Ren told employees.

“We can’t wait until 6G takes shape, because waiting will limit us to a lack of patents,” he emphasized.

Follow Nikkei Asia, Huawei holds a large number of standard essential patents (SEPs) for 5G technology. This helps Huawei’s 5G network transmit data faster, with low latency, and effectively support any technology product or service.

SEPs are generally granted to technologies used in industry-wide standards and necessary to manufacture devices that are compatible with those standards.

Although still in its infancy, 6G promises to open up a lot of potential for future exploitation, including in the fields of space research and Earth science. Like 5G, the technology has become a hotbed of competition among major economies.

China has considered 6G as one of the important areas that need to be prioritized for research and development investment.

Meanwhile, the US and Japan are also pouring money into the development of 6G, including the use of satellite technology – one of the US’s strengths.

Nevertheless, Nikkei Asia both Japan and the US are lagging behind China in 5G development and deployment.

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