Huge Sun Geomagnetic Storm Suddenly Hits Earth From Mysterious Source

The giant solar geomagnetic storm suddenly hit the Earth from a mysterious source - Photo 1.

Image of Sun flares – Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK

At about 5 a.m. on September 27 (Vietnam time), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA – SWPC) Weather Prediction Center issued a warning: the Earth’s magnetic field is being affected. affected by some activity of the Sun.

Within hours, SWPC’s warning was updated to warn of geomagnetic storms, with a geomagnetic K index of 5, then increased to K7 by the end of September 27 (Vietnam time), according to newspaper Newsweek.

The K-index is a physical measure of the strength of geomagnetic storms. This is the result of material from the Sun’s geomagnetism disrupting the Earth’s magnetic field, causing grid problems, radio signal disruptions, etc. A K-index less than 4 is usually nothing. say, while a K-index of 9 would be an extremely rare solar phenomenon.

SWPC said the K7 storm warning is valid until the end of September 27 (Vietnam time).

By page SpaceWeather, it is currently unclear where this solar flare (CME) came from. It is possible that it is one of two CMEs leaving the Sun on September 23. However, both of these CMEs are not predicted to touch Earth.

This is not actually a geomagnetic storm from the Sun hitting the Earth directly.

Dr. Erika Palmerio, a scientist at solar research firm Prediction Science Inc., wrote on Twitter: “Something is forming in the near-Earth solar wind. It is unclear at the moment if there is stealth hit element or not. CME hides itself to sneak hit the Earth!”.

Late on September 27 (Vietnam time), Dr. Palmerio said the geomagnetic storm seemed to have calmed down.

Solar flares (CMEs) are the ejection of plasma and magnetic fields out of the Sun’s atmosphere. Strong cases often occur when the Sun’s torsion magnetic field lines suddenly shift and realign, causing a sudden release of energy.

Another potential cause of recent activity could be a high-velocity solar flux. This is a fast solar wind escaping from an open region of the solar magnetic field known as the coronal hole.

Both phenomena can cause geomagnetic storm effects on Earth.

Can a solar storm destroy the Earth? Can a solar storm destroy the Earth?

TTO – All life on Earth depends on the radiant heat of the Sun. But what happens when that radiation gets out of control, and billions of tons of solar-charged matter suddenly head toward Earth?

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