Humanity on the front lines against the epidemic: ‘Eight’ with patients

Humanity on the front lines against the epidemic: Eight with patients - Photo 1.

Nurses take care of COVID-19 patients at Phuoc Loc field hospital, Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City – Photo: TU TRUNG

There are many patients who are seriously ill, but they are very understanding and amiable. Now I’m so suffocated that I can’t laugh like usual or encourage one after another, my glasses are all blurred and the sweat is clearly visible through the glass and shield, my breathing is fast.

I think a lot of people can see it right away.

Vomiting quickly ends

After I feed porridge to patients who are seriously having difficulty moving or are on ventilators, the one who can still speak whispers “thank you”, if she is too tired to speak, teases me, for the second time after I asked her “What do you need?” Only then can it be seen that she did the act of shooting a heart.

Really, at that time, I was very tired, but suddenly I burst out laughing: “Yes, thank you, you will get better soon”. She smiled too, and her expression gradually improved when she was first admitted to the hospital.

It’s a lot of work, but sometimes such a small gesture is fun. Besides, I also often make jokes to entice the girls, uncles, and grandparents here to eat enough to eat, because when the medicine gets in, it will be better but also the best way to regain health.

Many aunts and uncles said: “If only there was a way to invite you guys, the girls are making a cup of coffee here, don’t see that everyone is working so hard and caring, but they’re miserable …”.

I laughed: “Waiting for the epidemic to get better, if you still remember us, please post the translation”, and laughed sadly because I thought “When will the epidemic end? I also vomited quickly”.

The story of the pregnant woman

There was a pregnant woman who was born in 2-3 districts in the emergency room, resuscitated and then resuscitated. However, she struggled with the disease very much, after 1 month she was allowed to go to the room for the lighter person, but it was still difficult to exercise.

My habit is to talk to me, or ask questions, so many people like my presence very much, I’m not a doctor, but I always ask or ask a doctor for everything.

Every day, I work little by little, I don’t force anyone to even feed, I only beg or change the way to choose between eating porridge and drinking milk, as long as a little tolerance is okay, a little bit each meal. For example, if you eat 5 tablespoons of porridge today, you will beg to eat 3 more spoons tomorrow.

When feeling better, help them sit up to eat, then eat by themselves, then change porridge to rice, physiotherapy for better functioning can go to the toilet instead of going to the toilet…

After more than 2 months, the pregnant girl was discharged from the hospital, she was also very happy, always thanked, so before returning, she asked her husband to ship up a large and genuine fruit box to invite the doctors and everyone in the department.

Ah, adding a young man who is nearly 200 kg fat always makes me “wretched”. Because honestly taking care of one young man is equal to taking care of 10 other people, extremely naked.

Also, at first, when I went to the hospital, the youth didn’t cooperate or complained, the young man was lazy, so every time I finished cleaning this hand, I ran out of oxygen. Very frustrated but still trying to get what people need.

But in the last week, he often waits when I feed him, he says hello to his father, “The girls in here are very enthusiastic about the patient”, sometimes “Only you feed me on time but work hard, but there are times when people I forgot to feed me breakfast.”

Hearing that was both happy and sad, and a few days later he was discharged from the hospital. Well, happy for him!

Let’s overcome the pandemic together!

I have only represented a few of the patients who have been discharged from the hospital to see how well they have managed to overcome their illness.

In general, now everywhere is “stressed” equally: the epidemic situation is tense due to rapid increase, patients are tense due to fear, medical staff are tense and work hard to fight the epidemic, other officials are also straining the mechanism. With the application and enforcement of the social distancing order, people are stressed about their families and food due to not being able to leave their homes…

Or we each try a little bit. Try to strictly follow directive 16 do not leave the house until the situation is better (if not too urgent). Because the virus has no legs, but it can borrow someone’s leg to enter the house if that person (subjectively) accidentally receives it after a trip somewhere (legitimate or illegitimate).

Let’s overcome the pandemic together!

Humanity on the front lines against the epidemic: Eight with patients - Photo 3.

TRUC VU (medical secretary at Ho Chi Minh City Hospital for Tropical Diseases, currently assisting in the care of critically ill patients at the Infection Department A)


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