Humanity on the frontline against the epidemic: ‘As F1, I have to isolate when the milk is full’

Humanity on the front lines against the epidemic: As F1, she had to be isolated when her breasts were full - Photo 1.

Medical staff of Tu Du Hospital unite, work together, and unite with the city to fight COVID-19 – Photo: TT

During these busy days, a midwife from Tu Du Hospital wrote a very emotional post to the love of the people on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic:

With a command from the heart, we are not only always in a position to overcome physical hardship but also have to struggle with emotions from what we see and hear every day that is not easy.

From the center of the epidemic, my teammate burst into tears when F1 herself had to go into isolation when her breasts were full and she had to leave her child before she was full of age.

From the isolation area, my teammate F1 when participating in emergency treatment for patients with puffy eyes and nose, worried when outside the daughter was about to enter the high school exam without relatives to pick her up. The city distanced a large area without having time to buy the necessary food for their children…

Then from the vaccination trips, I had a slight fever, was tired from dehydration … then tested, a day waiting for the results in restlessness….

Every day from the starting point at Tu Du Hospital, we receive the enthusiastic support, trust and love of everyone, from the Board of Directors, putting aside our own beliefs to plunge into the brave battle. struggling with the COVID-19 epidemic for the sake of the nation’s mission, for the calling of the heart.

It is impossible to measure the hardships and sacrifices of the medical staff, doctors, nurses and midwives on the front lines who work hard day and night, but always give each other smiles behind the masks.

Behind the protective shield when returning to the starting place are bright eyes with the belief that victory will repel the epidemic, bring health and peace to the community, return everyone to a bustling, regretful life. Huh, as aggressive as before.

The whole day in a PPE suit made the sweat drenched with tears rolling down the corners of the eyes, salty on the lips, sticky hair, blistered gant hands. Do not dare to drink water or go to the toilet because you have to save protective gear, when you take it off, you can’t use it again.

We are still rhythmic in each stage of instructions, vital signs, vaccinations, post-injection monitoring, emergency support…

Humanity on the front lines against the epidemic: As F1, she had to be isolated when her breasts were full - Photo 2.

United against the COVID-19 epidemic – Photo: TT

During the war, there are many funny stories that each of us considers to be a good memory every time we recall them.

The most recent incident was at a mobile injection site with A tall man named American TV suddenly shouted: “I’m so scared of needles, I’m going to die”. Even so, his pale face made us stop and wonder.

Actually, when we go to get vaccinated, the thing we are most worried about is anaphylaxis after the injection because we are outside the hospital, where there are not enough emergency facilities.

What to do, after consulting with doctors and thinking about the risk of disease occurring in the community? We both reassured the tall and shy guy and also to give everyone’s peace of mind, decided to give him an injection.

Just finished his injection, My brother turned purple, maybe because he was too scared! We gave him first aid with our available means, and after a while he stabilized with a confused look on his untidy clothes and previous screams. My brother and his family thanked us profusely.

At that time, an uncle nearby said to us: “You are the small guerrillas who defeated the tall American!”.

That’s it, our tired worries seemed to be dispelled by our sincere thanks, by the spirit of continuing our efforts for each other, despite the difficulties and risks surrounding us.

Thank you for the shining eyes and let’s hope for the victory!

Humanity on the frontline against the epidemic: As F1, she had to be isolated when her breasts were full - Photo 3.


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