Humanity on the frontline against the epidemic: ‘Suffocating my brother’s blistered palms’

Humanity on the front lines against the epidemic: Choking on my brother's blistered palms - Photo 1.

With blistered hands, she rushed to the center of the epidemic to help many people cope with the death scythe – Photo: HD

She sent me a picture of her wrinkled hands at the end of the day when she took off her medical gloves. I texted: “My hand is this afternoon. It’s disintegrating”.

I looked at my dry, wrinkled hands, thinking of her and the volunteer team running all day to collect samples and support vaccinations in a baggy protective suit in the hot weather like a crematorium. The disinfected hands are often dry to the point of cracking, when they put on rubber gloves, they soon become drenched with sweat, still without a minute to rest their hands to dry, their hearts are choking.

I know these days, the whole country is struggling to fight the epidemic. I also know that there are millions of Vietnamese people who are acting, silently sacrificing for the mission of fighting against COVID-19 to protect the safety and peace of all people in this country.

I am like them, a silent warrior among faces hidden in protective suits and thick masks. No one knows who I am. No one asked my name. But nothing. I still enthusiastically take my own mission to do the job.

As a final year student of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine – University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, I shared that I have finished 6 years of medical training at the school in a very special way: “Going to fight the epidemic while taking the exam”. I said: “But I’m so itchy, I can’t go”.

When there is little time, she tells me about her working day. The day I went to sample and support vaccination, in the evening I received an online task to take care of F0 at home.

Under the dry weather, the protective clothing is like a steam bath in which the sun is the fuel. I still have to stand to receive instructions one by one to fill in the injection form or directly take samples from 7 am to 4 pm every day.

A few times, I sent a few quick check-in photos to inform the sister association which area is receiving orders, new or you fly like a bird, this day was at Binh Tan TTYT but the next day I went to Nha Be, Cu Chi .. Each self-portrait shows only her eyes, but those are the best pictures of her I’ve ever seen.

There are busy days, I skip lunch because I’m too tired to eat. Drink 2 liters of water a day, but it’s all gone along the sweat glands, so I don’t bother going to the toilet. Regularly working at full capacity, I was almost exhausted.

Carrying out the campaign in the industrial park is even more obsessive. The factory is large, the people are crowded, everything is noisy and messy, you have to be extremely patient. The factory atmosphere is extremely stuffy, hot and sweaty, sweat is pouring out from head to toe, still have to patiently complete the task little by little.

Returning home with no feeling in my legs, physically exhausted, I once intended to temporarily stop taking care of F0 online because I was overloaded with my own strength. But the positive feedback of the patients and their sincere thanks are like holding the doctor back.

Now news that the patient is a bit old bragging: “My son, she is very well today, she has been discharged from the hospital”, tomorrow I will hear her pregnant sister’s headline: “Honey, mother and daughter are fine, today is fine. then, the baby in the belly is also healthy”, gave me a lot of motivation to continue on my path.

No matter how hard it is, I still don’t forget to express my deep admiration for the doctors and nurses who are directly working day and night to fight the epidemic and even my classmates who still wear protective gear on the day of the exam. Street. She still humbly thinks her work is still insignificant compared to them, but that’s when I know she is very proud of her profession.

Currently, the epidemic situation in Ho Chi Minh City is still complicated. Me and my friends and the medical team will definitely have to work hard for a long time. But I have great faith that: As long as people like you don’t fall, our whole people will definitely be resilient.

The pandemic has swept away many things, but it is also an opportunity for everyone to look back to appreciate the precious things around them. Looking back to know how to live for each other by consciousness and action. Looking back to be more proud of this country and its people.

A country that “leads no one behind”, has a team of doctors and nurses who put their feet up and wholeheartedly take care of, treat and restore the health of patients. A country that always upholds “national love, compatriotism”, “a horse hurts the whole ship to leave the grass” with rear arms always ready to support and lift.

These days, although I feel sorry for the loss of my compatriots, but thinking back, I am proud of Vietnam – a country rich in humanity. And, including me – the soldiers in white shirt silently contributed their efforts to “There is a new storm and a bright side of the family”.

Humanity on the front lines against the epidemic: Choking on my brother's blistered palms - Photo 2.


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