I will choose Vespa to reunite with the road

I will choose Vespa to reunite with the road - Photo 1.

As a photography enthusiast, Dat always carries a camera on the roads to capture the beautiful scenes of the country with his Vespas – Photo: NVCC

To this day, I still can’t forget the feeling of euphoria of those youth days, when I drove Vespa from Hanoi to my hometown in Nam Dinh to celebrate Tet. Having a Vespa when I just graduated from school is like a little to make me proud of my early successes.

I often think that people who choose Vespa often have aesthetic taste and love beauty to a certain extent. Vespa stands for Italian quality, for fashion and for elegance. For me, Vespa is not just a car but also a way of life.

20 years and love for Vespa

Break the one that’s been 20 years. Vespa has been my companion for three times traveling through Vietnam with my close friends in the Vespa Passion Vietnam club.

We met, shared a passion for the dear Vespa – a symbol of fashion, of success, of a very unique culture.

On beautiful long distances, traveling by plane or car cannot fully feel the feeling of freedom and freedom that traveling brings you. For me, that freedom is also the essence and spirit of Vespa.

On the other hand, Vespa is also a brand that makes a great contribution to forming my name in the community of brothers who love Vespa today.

From that environment, I have friends from many provinces and industries, share the same passion and become close to each other. I have learned many useful things from them.

I have been in Saigon for 8 years and bought a Vespa GTV in 2019. After buying it, I traveled on many roads spanning 3 regions of the country. With my darling, I have traveled across Vietnam three times. The most recent time was earlier this year, when traveling with the brothers, a delegation from Ho Chi Minh City ran out, a group from Hanoi ran in and met in Nghe An.

We gathered to do a charity program organized by Vespa Passion Vietnam, for poor children at 2 primary schools near the border. It is one of the most meaningful activities I participate in on my Vespa.

Vespa GTV steed conquers “dinosaur spine” Ta Xua

Many fears but also the most interesting is the trip to conquer the most beautiful cloud hunting paradise in our country, Ta Xua in November last year. The road at that time was extremely difficult, but it is okay because doing something meaningful with close friends, for me, is an indescribable joy.

Before going to Ta Xua, I went through many other roads, so I am somewhat confident in the steering wheel and experience. Although the peak is very high, the cliff is also gentle, when falling, it is not dangerous to life, the probability of death is low.

When I asked for directions, from the saleswoman to the children, the young people around said that the car with gears could go, but the scooter couldn’t go. That advice made me even more want to conquer this distance in my favorite car.

It’s the kind of thinking I’ll do – “I can do it”. Of course, what I think and reality are very different, especially the “dinosaur spine” about 17km is completely a mountain pass, difficult to go, full of potholes, buffalo holes, crushed rocks, not to mention still some landslide remnants of the rainy season.

The sweet, difficult, terrible level of this “dinosaur” is not an easy thing with the Vespa iron block weighing 200kg and carrying luggage, the width of the car is wider than a PKL motorcycle.

The road clings to the cliffs, full of gravel, extremely rough, without safety barriers and has many buffalo trenches that are only 60cm – 1m wide. The dinosaur backbone, the smallest part is only about 50cm wide, the bigger part is only 70cm.

This also means that if you go by Vespa, there will be no place to put your feet down to keep the car. It was really a mistake to go down the cliff and… I was wrong.

When starting the engine slowly down to the top and crawling over the “back of the dinosaur”, the rear wheel of the car fell into the buffalo trench, spinning and then the smoke was thick and burning in the vast space. The car slowly tilted to one side, leaning against the cliff, while I turned around and slid down the steep mountainside.

The person hit the rock, I tried to grab the grass but still fell a few meters. At this point, I still think simply “I am fine! I’ll be fine!”. I lay still and breathed for a minute and then I slowly crawled up. But lifting the car is impossible.

Right at the most difficult moment, the local boy was going to pick up his wife to work as a farm. You asked me how dare I ride this car up here alone? After chatting for a while, the two brothers shook hands and pulled the cart out of the ditch, successfully.

I put on my clothes, put on armor, put on a helmet while he stood and applauded. I started the engine and slowly finished the rough road. The shopkeepers laughed “Oh, you can go up”.

I laughed loudly, thinking to myself, yes, with my baby, I have overcome myself. If I choose again 1,000 times, I will still decide to run Vespa to reunite with that dangerous road!

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I will choose Vespa to reunite with the road - Photo 4.

Graphics: NGOC THANH

The Vespa carries the whole spring The Vespa carries the whole spring

TTO – People in the neighborhood often call my father Mr. Tu Vespa to easily distinguish them from other Tu’s near the house. The reason for this nickname is because every day my father goes to work in a silver gray Vespa Sprint 150.


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