Ideal beauty is considered a different standard of “heaven and one” of women in countries around the world

Standards of beauty are constantly changing over time and greatly influenced by the culture, society and ethnicity of each region. In East Asia, a thin, slim, white woman may be considered beautiful, but in Africa, those standards do not apply.

In today’s era of globalization, the definition of what a beautiful woman is is still extremely diverse. It is not surprising that each country has its own beauty standards, completely different from each other.


Ideal beauty is considered a different standard of

A typical Irish woman has thick eyebrows, fair skin, and thin lips. But their most common features are large foreheads, blue eyes, many freckles, and red hair. Since the Irish have always valued natural beauty, they also value these traits in women.


Ideal beauty is considered a different standard of

In most Western countries, perfectly white teeth are often associated with beauty, but in Japan everything is the opposite. In Japan, young women also have to go to dental clinics to make their teeth look crooked. Having crooked teeth is considered cute because the Japanese believe it to be a symbol of natural beauty and youth.


Ideal beauty is considered a different standard of

Statistics show that Iranians have the highest rate of nose surgery in the world. And this isn’t really surprising since women can’t use their other body parts to attract men. They tend to spend a lot of time taking care of the beauty of the face, especially the nose area.

Rhinoplasty is also very expensive in this country. So if a woman has had rhinoplasty, it also shows that the girl is qualified, coming from a wealthy family. So many Iranian women wear their bandages long after surgery really just to show that they are rich enough. And some of them even wear fake bandages to pretend they’ve had nose jobs.


The ideal beauty is considered a different standard of

A woman with perfect beauty in Korea must possess flawless white skin, a high nose, a small face, and big eyes. The face should have a narrow chin, wider at the top. Women in the land of kimchi are very fond of plastic surgery.


Ideal beauty is considered to be a different standard of

French women always aim for natural beauty in all aspects. They hardly wear makeup, rarely use perfume. Many people believe that true beauty is reflected in a woman’s skin. So, instead of makeup, they take care of skin care and care more.


Ideal beauty is considered a different standard of

In Tajikistan, thick eyebrows, which grow above the bridge of the nose, have long been considered the beauty standard of women. A while ago, there was even a popular belief that the closer your eyebrows are together, the closer your husband will be to you. Besides, it is considered as a symbol of purity and innocence in women.

Although things are changing nowadays, you can still find a lot of Tajik women with thick eyebrows together. And even people who are not born with a lot of eyebrows try to draw and fake eyebrows.

Saudi Arabic

Ideal beauty is considered a different standard of

Saudi women are not able to show much beauty on their faces because religion requires the wearing of headscarves. So they often pay a lot of attention to the beauty of their eyes. To make themselves more attractive, women in this country are not afraid to spend a lot of money on eye makeup.


Ideal beauty is considered a different standard of

For Chinese women, fair skin is considered the beauty standard. This view has been around for a long time when skin color was thought to indicate a person’s social class. If the skin is dark, it means that the person works in the fields and is poor. Only the young lady of the rich family has little to go out, so she has white skin.


Ideal beauty is considered to be another standard of

For the Kayan people living in Myanmar, the long neck is considered a symbol of affluence and beauty. That’s why local girls wear copper necklaces around their necks from the age of 5. First, they wear 6 necklaces around their necks and then add 1 more each year. After marriage, Kayan women stopped wearing more. The result of the custom of wearing a necklace is that a woman’s neck can be up to 40 centimeters long.

New Zealand

Ideal beauty is considered a different standard of

In New Zealand, tattoos are not only used to decorate the skin, but the indigenous – Maori people also use the tattoo technique as a type of identification card with a pattern right on the person’s face. Maori women traditionally tattooed their chin during adolescence and tried to make their tattoos as neat and detailed as possible to show their social status. When another tribe member looks at this tattoo, they can easily “read” the full story of the person wearing it and estimate how beautiful a woman is.

Source: Bright Side

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