Identifying the identity of the woman who was dismembered shook China

Defendant named Xie Lei, 33 years old, from Shaanxi, fled the scene. He used to work as a bar manager before quitting in August Beijing Youth Daily news.

However, the man was arrested in eastern China after a taxi driver reported it to the police as he tried to get into the car with a suitcase full of bloody, foul-smelling luggage.

Taihe district police in Jiangxi province on September 8 announced that suspect Xie Lei was arrested in a residential community in nearby Jian county, not far from where he killed the woman and hid her body in the luggage. physical.

According to a police statement, after Xie picked up a taxi early in the morning of September 9 (local time) in a central area of ​​Taihe district, the driver became suspicious when he helped him lift his bag. trunk and noticed it was heavy, had a bad smell and had blood stains on the suitcase.

Identifying the identity of the woman who was dismembered shook China - Photo 1.

Suspect Xie Lei was arrested after a woman’s body was found in the luggage he left behind while trying to get into a taxi. Photo: Jiangxi Provincial Police

Seeing the driver call the police, Xie fled the scene and left the bag.

On the same day, the police offered a reward of 30,000 yuan ($4,643) for any information that could help them catch the suspect.

Xie rode a bicycle to a residential area in Jian county and was arrested while resting at an apartment there on September 8, locals said.

Before being arrested, he changed his clothes and stole a red T-shirt and 4 apples, which were offerings made by local residents to the God of Wealth.

It is not clear how Xie allegedly killed the woman or what his motives were. Police said the incident is still under investigation.

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