If you want broken rice in Saigon at midnight, where can you run to fill your stomach?

Broken rice is inherently a famous specialty of Saigon. It is because this is the main meal with an affordable price but the portion is full of belly, serving a wide range of people from schoolchildren/students, working aunts and uncles, to the rich. Everyone in the South also loves broken rice, in the middle of the night hungry and hungry imagine a piece of fragrant grilled ribs marinated in flavor, pour a piece of sweet fish sauce into the rice and then scoop a spoonful of skin with it, thinking about it. Dubbed the city that doesn’t sleep, but if you want to eat broken rice in Saigon at the time when people’s house closes and turns off the lights, you have to know where to find it.

Huyen broken rice

Address: Alley 95 Le Van Duyet, Ward 3, Binh Thanh District

Price: from 50,000 VND/person

Opening hours: 16:00 – 4:00

Quan Huyen starts to clear the goods in the late afternoon and sells until dawn. The shop is located at 95 Le Van Duyet, Ward 3, Binh Thanh District in a fairly wide, clean alley, very easy to find. The number of guests here late at night is more crowded, but because it is located in an outdoor space, the shop still feels airy, not cramped.

The ribs here are grilled just right, the meat is soft and fragrant, fits in the heart of the “super giant” broken rice plate that looks extremely attractive. The restaurant has a bucket of fish sauce next to each table for people to eat according to their taste, the food here is more about sweet than salty and spicy. In addition to rib rice, the shop also sells many other dishes such as braised pork rice, broken rice, shumai rice, … for you to choose freely.

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Trash Beach broken rice

Address: 73 Le Van Linh, Ward 13, District 4

Price: Ranging from 70,000 VND – 100,000 VND

Opening hours: 16:00 – 3:00

“Bai Trac broken rice” has become famous with people willing to eat in Saigon. People in Xom Chieu do not know why they put this sidewalk rice restaurant as a “garbage dump”, but the space here is quite open, wide and clean.

This restaurant, which has been operating for more than 30 years, is quite expensive, ranging from 70,000 VND to 100,000 VND. The “money for it”, the “topping” put on the plate is a lot, it takes someone who has a lot of strength to eat to eat the large portion of rice. Grilled pork ribs are soft and shiny, with onion, tomato, cucumber, and fat that looks very attractive. In addition to grilled ribs, there are also ribs, pork skin, roasted pork belly, fried chicken, stuffed squid, sausages, etc. This shop also has another special name, “Ba Bay Tongue broken rice” because of the reason. The price of popular rice “screams” in the sky.

Broken rice 178

Address: 178 Hau Giang, Ward 6, District 6

Price: from 40,000 VND/person

Opening hours: 22:30 – 3:00

The 178th night broken rice shop, also known as the “hell” broken rice shop, is located at the corner of 178 Hau Giang street. The reason the shop has such a name is because the shop is quite late to sell, when most of the other shops close, the broken rice 178 will be busy clearing the goods. This is one of the most expensive broken rice restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, the customers coming to eat are always crowded, creating a bustling bustle in the small street corner at night.

In addition to the ribs rice, the bacon broken rice is the “best-seller” of the restaurant. The thick piece of grilled meat is just cooked, marinated with onion and lemongrass, so it smells very good, everyone who eats it compliments it. The restaurant’s cha dish is also seasoned very well, the fish sauce is balanced between sweet and salty, not creating a feeling of boredom or picky taste. Besides delicious food, the enthusiasm of the staff is also a plus point to keep the restaurant crowded.

Photo: Thuy Thu, Tony Hai

Ba Muoi broken rice

Address: 294/35 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Binh Thanh District

Price: from 40,000 VND/person

Opening hours: 21:00 – 04:00

Muoi’s broken rice shop is a familiar place with “night owls” who have a passion for broken rice. Inertia is now more than 30 years old. There are always guests crowded even though there are no signs and hidden in a small alley.

When enjoying the plate of rice here, you will clearly feel the rich flavor in each fiber of the meat, the broken rice grains are just cooked, not too dry. Muoi is always friendly and cheerful with guests, so she has a lot of “close friends” in the middle of the night. What makes the restaurant special is a small bowl of deep-fried pork skin, given by Mrs. Muoi with each plate of rice.

Photo: Nguyen Phuoc Lap

Broken rice 279

Address: 279 Hau Giang, Ward 5, District 6

Price: from 45,000 VND/person

Opening hours: 16:00 – 2:00

279 broken rice shop is one of the places selling broken rice at night, which is very familiar to the people of District 6. The shop is so crowded that one night sometimes sells up to 100kg of ribs. However, the seller is always quick, so customers do not have to wait too long. A plate of rice at the restaurant includes full ribs, skin, … served with cucumber, tomato, sauerkraut and fatty onion fat. only cost more than 40,000 VND. In addition, the shop also sells many more dishes for people to choose from such as shumai, salted eggs, spring rolls, …

The most crowded broken rice restaurant in District 6

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