If you want to have a polite look when going to a wedding, here are 3 notes you should remember

Attending the wedding party as a guest, there will be some rules we should follow to show our sophistication and ingenuity. Do not dress sloppy but also do not wear too formal to overwhelm the bride – this is what causes many women a headache when choosing clothes to go to the wedding. If you want to solve the problem of dress when attending a wedding, here are 3 things you should avoid to look the most perfect when appearing.

1. Do not wear shoes that are too high

Pointed toe heels are a ”must have” item for women, but they are really not suitable to wear when going to a wedding. Because no one wants to stand on painful feet for hours on end, and no one wants to have to confine their feet in the secret and uncomfortable during a happy day like a wedding day. Instead of high heels, we still have many other choices of shoes that provide comfort while ensuring a polite and graceful appearance.

Replace with loafers or mule

When going to a wedding, the spotlight should be focused on both the bride and the guests, just ensuring that the elegant and well-groomed element is enough. The 3 – 5 cm flat/mule shoes worn with trousers and skirts will give the wearer a modern, youthful look, satisfying the luxury factor without overdoing it. Flat shoes and mule with horizontal straps also create a comfortable feeling, even if you have to move a lot, they will not make you uncomfortable or hurt your feet.

2. Don’t buy new stuff

BTV Bornstein of WhoWhatWear site said that when going to parties in general and going to weddings in particular, they tend to buy elaborate outfits that are only used once for that occasion. This is wasteful and sometimes makes women feel unwilling to pay. Instead, we should mix & match on items from the items in our wardrobe.

Please choose an item from the wardrobe

Who said that every time you go to a wedding, you have to wear new clothes, you have to spend money to buy expensive clothes. You are most beautiful when you are confident in being yourself. Wear personal outfits that can be changed in accessories/hairstyles to make your look more outstanding. A puffy one-piece dress or a classic shirt-and-shoulder recipe is more than enough to create a lovely look to a wedding party. With weddings held in a luxurious space, change your accessories and shoes to refresh the look, and that’s it.

3. Skip the frills

Things that are too fancy should be ignored, because it will make the wearer likely to encounter problems or inconveniences during the wedding ceremony. Dresses that are too tight or too fluttery make the wearer uncomfortable when moving, or fear of being indiscreet, or fear of colliding with surrounding objects during the wedding ceremony. Instead, wear items that are comfortable and easy to wear.

Comfort and confidence is above all

Behind the seductive sexiness of a woman is confidence. We can completely be happy and full of positivity when we can wear what we like without having to worry too much about the style of the clothes. Of course, no one wants to have problems with showing off or having to mess around with their clothes, so wear what’s most familiar and comfortable to you.

Source: WhoWhatWear


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