iFan in Australia ‘rain team’ waiting to buy iPhone 14 Series

Recorded at Apple Brisbane (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) at 7:30 a.m. on September 16 (4:30 a.m. on the same day in Vietnam time), there were quite a few people standing in line to buy iPhone 14 Series. despite the heavy rain.

iFan in Australia 'rain team' waiting to buy iPhone 14 Series - Photo 1

Despite the “rainfall”, iFan in Brisbane (Australia) rushed to the Apple Store to hunt for iPhone 14 Series

“I had to get up earlier than usual, catch the train at 5 am and stand here since 6:15,” said Andrew P. – an office worker standing in line. “My wife and I have been looking forward to this day after the recent Far Out event. I plan to buy an iPhone 14 Pro for me and an iPhone 14 Pro Max for my wife. I have an appointment, just waiting. Come in and get it as soon as possible to run on time,” said Andrew excitedly.

Australians ‘prefer’ to order online rather than wait in line

Although Apple Stores in Australia did not appear to be “dispersing the crowd” as noted by early iPhone hunters in Singapore and Thailand, the number of users queuing to buy the latest phone line coming from Apple here are not crowded, bustling or even have to arrive early before the day to queue like at Apple Orchard store (Singapore) before the pandemic broke out.

Besides the harsh visa conditions for those who take advantage of hand-carrying in the form of travel or geographical distance, Mr. H, an unnamed employee at Apple Brisbane, after being shown the picture The photo of “dragon snakes in the clouds” queuing to buy iPhone 11 Series in 2019, revealed that “the scene in line today is similar to the past years and during the 5 years of working here, I have not seen the status quo. like in this picture”.

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Seamless iPhone 14 officially “on shelves” in the Australian market

Explaining the reason, Mr. H. said that it is not important for people in the area to have a new iPhone on the first day, instead they order online and wait until next month for delivery. “We are currently processing a huge amount of orders from the online ordering platform. Even many customers with iPhone 14 Pro (and Pro Max) versions of Deep Purple and Space Black (previous colors) called Graphite), the blue iPhone 14 (and iPhone 14 Plus) will have to wait longer because demand is so high.”

‘Deals’ from major carriers attract users

According to Mr. H, major carriers in Australia, including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, also launched attractive customer attraction programs when buying iPhone 14 Series. “The big three carriers (referring to the carriers just mentioned) are also the preferred choice of Australians, as they can buy installments with long-term options without incurring any interest rates. which,” said Mr. H.

In fact, there are many users in Australia who choose preferential installment plans from carriers. However, the downside of this option is that the user will receive a carrier SIM locked device (also known as a “locked” device).


Surveying at an Optus retail store, the consultant here said that all versions of the iPhone 14 series can be purchased with a carrier postpaid plan. “With the 36-month option, you only need to pay $38.36 AUD (about 615,000 VND) each month plus the data plan of your choice. Also, if you join the upgrade and protection program, pay only more 15 AUD per month, when the next generation iPhone comes out, you will be upgraded for free if the contract is less than 12 months, otherwise just “add” 99 AUD. there is an additional penalty valuation but not more than 249 AUD”.

When asked about the time to receive the device, the consultant said that the device will be sent right next weekend, especially for all versions of iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max in Deep Purple, Space Black and iPhone 14/14 Plus colors. blue will have to join the waiting list and not commit to a time in line.

iFan in Australia 'rain team' waiting to buy iPhone 14 Series - photo 4

iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max Deep Purple is fiercely sought after

The shortage of iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max in Deep Purple, Space Black and iPhone 14/14 Plus in blue is similar when surveyed at two other sales points of Telstra and Vodafone.

Apple Watch Series 8 lacks appeal

Going back to the time of queuing before the launch of new devices, it seems that very few users are interested in the Apple Watch Series 8.

iFan in Australia 'rain team' waiting to buy iPhone 14 Series - photo 5

Many users think that Apple Watch Series 8 is not attractive enough to upgrade

“No, I’m not upgrading. It’s boring, it makes no difference,” said Mary from St Lucia (Brisbane, Australia). Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Wang (an international student from China) said that “my current watch (Apple Watch Series 7) is still too good and there is no attraction for me to upgrade”.

When asked about the business situation of the next-generation smartwatches, an unnamed person in retail in Brisbane summed it up in three words “not so good”. She added that the iPhone 14 Series may be out of stock for the “hot” variants, but “you’ll never have to worry about missing an Apple Watch, unless you opt for the customized version.” It’s just too rare.”

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