Immediately delete these malicious Android apps pretending to be this junk cleaner

Security experts at McAfee recently discovered a number of applications containing HiddenAds malicious code on Android devices. This is a type of malicious code that allows the software to automatically hide and it is very difficult to completely remove after installation.

Notably, this type of malicious code is capable of automatically running malicious services, continuously displaying ads on the victim’s device.

In the McAfee Blog post, experts said, most of these apps were disguised as junk cleaners or advertised as being able to optimize battery life on Android devices.

According to experts, these malicious apps have now been removed from the Play Store. However, if the user has accidentally downloaded and installed these applications, it is necessary to thoroughly check the device and remove them from the smartphone.

Here are 13 apps containing HiddenAds malicious code that have been discovered by security experts at McAfee:

– Junk Cleaner

– EasyCleaner

– Power Doctor

– Super Clean

– Full Clean -Clean Cache

– Fingertip Cleaner

– Quick Cleaner

– Keep Clean

– Windy Clean

– Carpet Clean

– Cool Clean

– Strong Clean

– Meteor Clean

In the past time, many malicious applications have been developed on Google’s Play Store application store. That shows that the search giant’s censorship policies are still lax.

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