Impersonating a gynecologist to trick 400 women into viewing private parts via webcam

A man living in Italy has been arrested after planning to pretend to be a doctor to trick 400 people into viewing the private parts.

The police of the city of Bari, capital of the Apulia region, southern Italy, have received numerous complaints about a man posing as a gynecologist to ask more women for online webcam exams.

After conducting an investigation, the Bari city police discovered that the suspect had stolen a large number of lists of women who visited gynecological hospitals across Italy.

Impersonating a gynecologist to trick 400 women's private parts via webcam - Photo 1.

The police are checking this guy’s hard drive data

This man then announced that the women had “some inflammatory disease” of the vagina and asked for an online test.

The script of this name is to call, check the date of birth, ask the patient if he has been to a gynecologist recently.

Then, he will lure the victim to make a video call via Zoom or Hangout to have a gynecological examination. It is estimated that more than 400 victims were deceived by him.

It is known that the Bari city police are still continuing to investigate the behavior of this guy.

Source: AFP

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