Impressive new flying technology at the North American International Auto Show

Like previous times, visitors to this prestigious exhibition have the opportunity to admire the latest products of the world’s largest car manufacturers. However, the most impressive thing of this event this year is probably the program called “Air Mobility Experience”.

Described by the organizers as “more than a performance”, the “Aerial Travel Experience” program includes displays and demonstrations of take-off and landing of sport aircraft (Amphibious sport). plane), flying motorcycles (Hoverbikes), self-balancing electric vehicles (Hoverboards) and jet suits made by 6 innovative companies in air mobility. Out of these 6 companies, there are 5 manufacturers from 5 countries and 1 startup in Detroit.

At the exhibition, visitors can observe a number of flying vehicles on display at the exhibition or vehicles flying in the sky over Detroit, including the ICON A5 – a light sport aircraft 2 seats, capable of landing on water, and retractable wings so that the user can tow by truck trailer or other vehicles.

One of the outstanding activities was that the pilots of ICON – an aircraft manufacturing company based in Vacaville, California (USA) – brought a flying performance along the Detroit River and landed on the water on the river section. located between the city of Detroit and the city of Windsor (Ontario, Canada).

Mr. John George – Creative Director of the program “Aerial Travel Experience” – shared: “This is not just a car show. It’s a show of mobility, giving people an overview of all types of vehicles, including flying vehicles.”

The last North American International Auto Show took place in January 2019. This year’s show is smaller, but offers plenty of opportunities for automakers and air transport companies to make use of the ideal outdoor space to showcase new products. The exhibition runs until September 25.

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