In 2 months, China nearly enough COVID-19 vaccination for high school students

In 2 months, China vaccinated nearly enough COVID-19 for high school students - Photo 1.

Medical staff vaccinated against COVID-19 to students at a high school in Shenzhen city, China – Photo: GLOBAL TIMES

According to local government statistics, the number of infections in the recent outbreak in China’s Fujian province has reached 152, including some unvaccinated students from at least 4 elementary schools and 2 schools. young.

China has allowed the use of two COVID-19 vaccines from two pharmaceutical companies Sinopharm and Sinovac to immunize children aged 3 years and over.

However, the agency in charge of China’s vaccination program has not yet allowed children under 12 years of age to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to Reuters news agency, China’s Ministry of Education has issued a statement asking schools to not be subjective and take effective anti-COVID measures.

The cities of Putian and Xiamen in Fujian province have closed all kindergartens and primary schools, as well as most face-to-face classes at the high school level.

These two cities are the places where the most infections are concentrated in this outbreak.

Several cities in other parts of China have issued travel warnings ahead of next week’s Mid-Autumn Festival and the extended holiday season starting October 1.

Speaking on state television, Wang Dengfeng, an official from the Chinese Ministry of Education, said students and teachers were encouraged not to go out during the holidays.

China has started to give COVID-19 vaccinations to students aged 12-17 from July 2021. The vaccination rate of 91% in this age group is much higher than the national rate.

Reuters reported that as of September 6, China’s national vaccination rate was close to 70%.


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