In addition to pilots and flight attendants, this is a profession in the aviation industry with significant income

In recent years, the aviation industry has developed strongly, creating job opportunities for young people who dream of working in this industry. In addition to pilots, flight attendants, you can become an air traffic controller with a high income. This is a dream job that many young people are interested in.


To ensure air traffic safety requires coordination and links from many different departments, including air traffic services. Air traffic controllers play an important role in ensuring that planes know their exact position, don’t get lost, don’t overlap, and don’t crash when landing at the same time.

Air traffic control is divided into 4 different types, including: long-haul air traffic control, approach air traffic control, airport air traffic control and ground air traffic control. With each of the above types will be the corresponding air traffic controllers.

1. Long distance air traffic controller

Among the control positions, the long-distance controller carries the greatest responsibility with the task of ensuring safe flight operations. In high space, visibility is obscured, so the flight activities of aircraft need to be controlled continuously and closely. Long-haul air traffic controllers will ensure a safe distance between aircraft by applying a minimum safe distance between aircraft of 1,000 feet, corresponding to 304.8m in the air.

During the flight from takeoff, air traffic control needs to keep in touch with the pilot, know the route to ensure absolute safety. Not stopping there, today’s high flight traffic makes air traffic control not only ensure safety factors but also coordinate to speed up the flight, helping flight traffic to achieve the highest efficiency. .

2. Approaching Air Traffic Controller

Their task is to guide and arrange the incoming aircraft in a certain order so that there is no confusion. After the aircraft is sorted, they will proceed to approach and land. Not only that, the approach air traffic controller must also guide the aircraft to determine the altitude as quickly as possible to the desired flight path before transitioning to the long-haul phase.

In addition to pilots and flight attendants, this is a profession in the aviation industry with significant income - Photo 1.

Air traffic controllers are divided into 4 groups. (Illustration)

3. Air traffic controllers at the airport

Air traffic controllers at the airport are responsible for controlling the movements of aircraft during takeoff and landing. They are the ones who provide information for the aircraft to take off according to the planned schedule, guide the aircraft to the airport to land in accordance with the regulations… In general, all the activities of the aircraft from the time it enters the airport area. All flights must follow the instructions and instructions of the controller working at the airport so as not to cause chaos and difficult to control at height.

4. Ground Air Traffic Controller

Ground air traffic controllers are responsible for controlling the operation of flights in the area from the parking spot to the waiting position for take-off or landing. They will operate aircraft, people and vehicles in the area under their management. All means of transport must have the permission of the air traffic controller, if the vehicles violate the regulations, they will be handled according to the regulations.


1. Love work and be responsible

First, the necessary requirement that is also required for you to complete the task is to have a passion for the job. When you are passionate, you will work with enthusiasm and responsibility. Thus, the work efficiency will certainly be much higher than that of a person working in the “time out for money” style.

2. Good memory and spatial shaping

An excellent air traffic controller is someone who possesses a superhuman memory. That means you need to have an extremely intelligent brain, good memory to be able to remember the flight path, the data collected and observed in the sky to give the pilot the correct direction.

In addition, you also have to have a good shape of the space to think of the contexts on the distance that the pilot is operating.

3. Ability to work in a team and have decisiveness

In bad situations, such as a plane crash, air traffic controllers must come up with a quick solution with the help of colleagues. At this point, you need to have teamwork skills. Besides, when faced with a situation that has been devised to solve, the air traffic controller can make his own decision and take responsibility for that choice.

In addition to pilots and flight attendants, this is a profession in the aviation industry with significant income - Photo 2.

To become an air traffic controller, you need to meet very strict requirements. (Illustration)

4. Health is an important factor to keep in mind

Accompanying the pilot during the flight. Even air traffic controllers have to observe more than pilots, so they need to have good health and flexibility to handle the huge workload every day.

5. Need to know foreign languages

Foreign language is also one of the mandatory requirements. Air traffic controllers not only work with Vietnamese pilots but also have to work with many pilots from countries around the world. Therefore, you need to know foreign languages ​​to be able to exchange and guide them to ensure an absolutely safe route.

6. Withstand work pressure

Air traffic controllers, especially long-haul air traffic controllers, need to work at full capacity. The workload of a day is very large, so always face pressure.

In order to successfully complete the assigned tasks, you need to have perseverance, high will to strive to face and overcome daily pressures. Consider it one of the tasks that must be completed to achieve high quality in work.


Air traffic controllers have a huge role and influence in each airline, so this is a position that is most favored and focused. When joining the position of air traffic controller, you will be provided with all the equipment to serve the best work. In addition, air traffic controllers can also participate in training courses to improve their professional skills.

An air traffic controller has salary ranges from 50 million VND or more/month, Depends on ability and seniority.

In addition to pilots and flight attendants, this is a profession in the aviation industry with significant income - Photo 3.

The income of air traffic controllers is from 50 to 120 million VND/month – a number that many people dream of. (Illustration)

Some job positions for air traffic controllers:

– Expert in safety, investigating air traffic incidents;

– Air traffic expert;

– Expert in training (Air traffic coach);

– Air traffic controllers become experts in designing flight methods and designing airspace;

– Become leaders at air traffic control centers;

– To hold important positions in departments, divisions and units under the Corporation and the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

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