In the middle of the wedding, the two brides appeared at the same time, causing a commotion among the guests, and the next action, the screenwriter did not dare to write

In recent days, on Chinese social networks, a video has been circulated recording the chaotic scene at a wedding, where up to 2 brides appeared. It is known that this wedding was held on January 28 in Shang Rao city, Jiangxi province.

According to a long clip filmed by a guest, when the groom and the bride were just walking out the door, another bride wearing a formal dress suddenly rushed in and caused trouble for a while. Seeing the woman, the groom immediately changed his face and chased her away. But in response, she cried and sobbed, fervently begging the groom to cancel the marriage and marry her. She even said: “I don’t want anything, as long as you marry me”. After talking for a while, the groom got emotional and then resolutely said: “No way, we broke up a few months ago, you are a good girl, you deserve to have a better man love you, I don’t worthy of you.”

A girl wearing the exact same dress as the real bride came to ruin the wedding

The woman who came to this wedding disturbance is the groom’s ex-girlfriend. The two have been together for 5 years, deeply in love. However, when the two considered the wedding, the bride’s family “screamed” the price of the bride price up to 600,000 yuan (more than 2 billion dong). The groom’s family was poor and could not meet this large amount of money, so there was friction and argument between the two sides. In the end, the girl made a firm agreement that she would wait for him for 3 months, the boyfriend needs to take care of enough money for the wedding, if not, then break up.

The groom didn’t go looking for a way to earn money to marry his girlfriend of 5 years but went to find another wife

In the surprise of the girl, the boy not only did not find a way to earn money to get married, but he also suddenly found another girl in the same village and got married quickly. Knowing this news, the ex-girlfriend was extremely shocked and angry, decided to wear a wedding dress and “claim” her lover back. Faced with her insults and reproaches, the groom could only helplessly say: “You obviously proposed to break up, why have I become such a heartless person now?”.

The two sides argued for a long time, causing many other family members to get involved and a fight broke out. The “real” bride and the “fake” bride are constantly moving their hands and feet and scolding each other. At the climax, the ex-girlfriend finally broke down in tears and revealed another shocking fact that she was now pregnant. Her brother stood beside her, pressing for the groom to take responsibility. But in response, the groom’s family still firmly refused to accept and wanted the wedding to continue.

In the middle of the wedding, the two brides appeared together, causing a commotion among the guests, the next thing the screenwriter did not dare to write - Photo 3.

In the end, the “self-confessed” bride was pulled back by her family

The twist and turn of tragedy turned a happy day into a sad day for all. After that, although everyone calmed down and stopped fighting, how the story ended was still unclear and not revealed. This wedding tragedy has caused netizens to talk and feel sad for all three. After all, the problem of asking for too much money in China has made many couples miserable, but it still happens every day, especially in rural areas.

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