In the midst of the jubilant wedding, the drunken bridesmaid secretly revealed a shocking story about the groom, more shocking than the text message on the honeymoon

Without a doubt, a wedding is always one of the most important events in a person’s life, but sometimes, this big day turns into an unexpected disaster. For example, a Reddit user’s story tells about her friend’s wedding at which two bridesmaids got drunk and one of them told a shocking story.

In the midst of the jubilant wedding, the drunken bridesmaid secretly revealed a shocking story about the groom, more shocking than the message on the honeymoon - Photo 1.

Posting on the Reddit forum, the “moderator” explained that his colleague’s wedding was completely ruined after the two bridesmaids started talking about the bride and groom.

The bride asked 2 of our other colleagues to be the bridesmaids, let’s call them Lisa and Jen. The bride and groom were engaged before the pandemic broke out and they were finally able to hold a wedding to celebrate the big day so everyone was excited for the main couple.

My colleague is planning to get married in November this year. Lisa and Jen also accepted to be bridesmaids. Well, it’s worth noting that we’ve both stopped working together, so it’s been a long time since we’ve seen anyone.”

“The moderator” said, a week before the wedding, Jen and Lisa said that they did not want to attend anymore and asked the girl who posted the forum to tell the bride or not.

I told them to be honest with the bride but they decided not to, despite the fact that now they no longer feel close to the bride to accept to be her bridesmaid.”

But everything doesn’t stop there. On the day of her ex-colleague’s wedding, Lisa and Jen got drunk and started talking about being a bridesmaid.

While drunk, Lisa said that she and the groom had been exchanging messages on social networks for months. Even after the rehearsal for the wedding ceremony, the treacherous guy sneaked into the hotel room to meet Lisa. Lisa was going to have sex with her ex-colleague’s fiancĂ©, but in the end, she just gave him a massage.”

“The chopping board” said that when she heard about it, she decided to get up and leave because she didn’t want to be involved in any troublesome “drama”.

While the bride and groom were on their honeymoon, Lisa sent Jen and the girl posted some screenshots of the chat between her and her ex-husband’s husband. The bad boy said he really wanted to “have sex” with Lisa in the hotel room that day. Not only that, but he also wished that the person on the honeymoon next to him was Lisa, not his current wife.

The “choirmaster” was disgusted with the groom’s words and actions, so he advised Lisa to tell everything to the bride, exposing the true face of her newlywed husband’s name. The girl’s advice received much support from netizens. Below are a few prominent comments on Reddit:

Please tell the bride everything. She needs to know what kind of man she’s married to.

– If it were me, I would immediately send everything to the bride. She needs to know what her new husband is and get out of the marriage with him as soon as possible.

– If you don’t have love, then why get married?

– I don’t understand what he thinks he can do such a depraved thing behind his wife’s back.

Source: The Sun

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