Incredibly fast: Omicron variant is now the main virus strain in the US

Unbelievably fast: The Omicron variant is now the main virus strain in the US - Photo 1.

People wait in line to get tested for COVID-19 at Times Square in Manhattan, New York, US on December 19, 2021 – Photo: AFP

According to the CDC, the data is up to date as of December 18. On November 30, the US recognized Omicron variant worrisome variation. On December 1, the first case of infection with the Omicron variant was confirmed in the US.

As such, the Omicron variant only took about 20 days to become the dominant variant in the US, surpassing the Delta variant.

Nationally, cases have increased 9% in the past week in the US but have increased 57% since the beginning of December, according to Reuters tally. The number of people with COVID-19 being hospitalized increased by 26% this month.

In the states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho, the Omicron variant accounts for 96.3% of new cases, the CDC says.

According to Reuters, the overall increase in the number of infections is making Americans’ hopes for a normal holiday season more bleak.

Given the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of new infections will double every 1.5 – 3 days in areas with an out-of-community endemicity of the virus. this variation.

In recent days, many universities in the US have notified students, staff and faculty that they will be studying online in the first weeks after spring break until further notice.

According to the White House announcement, US President Joe Biden will give an important speech on the strategy to deal with the Omicron variant on December 21, US time.

Currently, the strategy to deal with the Omicron variant of European and American countries is to promote vaccination, including injection for unvaccinated people, additional doses, and injections for children. Re-imposition of travel restrictions, restrictions on mass events and non-essential services, increased testing of vaccine certification.

People are urged or required to wear masks properly in public places, keep a safe distance, ensure ventilation of indoor spaces, avoid crowds and wash hands.


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