Intern in Japan, return home to receive startup support up to 180 million

Intern in Japan, return home to receive startup support up to 180 million - Photo 1.

Leaders of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Japan International Human Resource Development Organization signed a memorandum of understanding – Photo: HA QUAN

On June 20, the Center for Overseas Workers (Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs) and the International Human Resources Development Organization of Japan (IM Japan) signed a memorandum of understanding on the program of dispatching and receiving food. Vietnamese technical intern trainees to do technical internships in Japan.

The Memorandum of Understanding has many new features such as expanding the selection age from 18-30 years old, increasing the cost of supporting dormitory fees during training in Vietnam, supplementing housing in Japan for trainees. more than 15% of basic salary…

In the program, technical interns in Japan who return home on time receive a promotion to develop their career in Vietnam with the amount of 600,000 yen (100 million VND) for 3 years of internship or 1 million yen (180 million VND). million dong) for 5 years of internship.

According to Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung, the Overseas Labor Center and IM Japan have cooperated to bring 7,734 students, students and young people from 81 poor, coastal, coastal and marine districts. island to Japan. Now available about 6,000 interns are in charge of engineering-related jobs.

Minister Dung said that young interns are provided with free conditions for training and tuition fees. From his trip to Japan, Mr. Dung assessed that unions and businesses have taken good care of the places to eat, stay, work at factories, and large businesses for Vietnamese youth.

According to the general policy of the State and the IM Japan program, the trainees are supported with social insurance, health insurance, Tet bonuses, birthday parties, etc.

“Enterprises and unions also create conditions for children to have a source of income,” Dung said.

Through preliminary understanding, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung said that many interns returning home have succeeded in opening production and business establishments, helping to develop the local economy, inspiring other students to continue practicing. study and work abroad.

Minister Dung also said that in the coming time, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs will sign with IM Japan a new program with “The number is more, the requirements are higher, but the spirit is in the direction of non-profit, all for the youth”.

Minister I hope the MoU will be effective, creating conditions for Vietnamese workers to live and develop their careers in Japan.

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