International newspaper shares 5 things to pay attention to before coming to Vietnam

Vietnam attracts the eyes of tourists with countless attractions, from beautiful islands, unspoiled hills to ancient and unique architectural marvels. It is also home to the iconic Golden Bridge supported by two giant hands.

In terms of cuisine, visitors can enjoy many different types of Vietnamese coffee, the most popular of which is egg coffee. However, visitors need to remember certain things before traveling to Vietnam. The travel Instagram account shared with visitors 5 small notes:

First, Indian visitors need to apply for an e-visa 15 to 20 days before arriving in Vietnam. It takes about three days for the issuance of Vietnam e-visa to be approved. The validity period of the e-visa for single entry is 30 days.

International newspapers share 5 things to pay attention to before coming to Vietnam - Photo 1.

Vietnam is a favorable destination for Indian tourists (Photo: curlytales)

Next, visitors need to download some transportation applications such as Grab, Taxi Mai Linh or Uber. These apps help travelers quickly call a taxi in Vietnam for an economical, risk-free and hassle-free trip.

Another thing to do is to buy a local SIM card. Owning a domestic SIM card in Vietnam will help travelers save a lot of money. An easy way is to buy a SIM card at the airport. There are some popular SIM card providers in Vietnam including Viettel, Mobifone or Vinaphone.

And whenever someone wants to take any international trip, it is extremely important to buy travel insurance. So, if you’re flying from India to Vietnam, buy travel insurance in advance. These coverages cover medical expenses, personal liability fees, and flight time adjustment fees. Travel insurance may also cover lost luggage and passports.

And lastly, visitors can travel from city to city in Vietnam on a cozy sleeper bus while still enjoying the picturesque roadside scenery (remember to take a seat by the door). book). These sleeper buses are tourist-friendly with pillows and charging sockets.

For a great Vietnam trip, the best time is March, April, September and December. At this time, the weather is pleasant and visitors will have a relaxing stay.

According to India’s Curly Tales page

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