iPhone 14 is the easiest iPhone to repair in years

Theo AppleInsiderApple is not a famous company when it comes to allowing repairs, but in the dismantling iPhone 14 that iFixit has just done, it shows that the product has changed in the internal design, including having Detachable from front and back.

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Dismantling iPhone 14 for repair is easier than before

Normally, technicians have to remove the screen to get inside for repair, but now the rear glass can be removed in a similar way.

After applying heat and carefully pulling out the screen, the exploration of the inside of the iPhone 14 is blocked by a large metal plate, the middle frame with gaps to allow the camera and connectors as well as Certain components can penetrate. iFixit says the design changes will streamline screen repairs as well as protect iPhone internal components, which weren’t previously protected by sheet metal.

Opening the rear glass follows a similar process, and is again said to be a big change from Apple. The back glass is the hardest element to remove on an iPhone, and it costs hundreds of dollars to replace if you’re not an AppleCare+ subscriber.


This decision is a big departure for Apple as the company has previously allowed access to components after the display is removed. By allowing the rear glass to be removed to access components, Apple has removed major barriers to repairing the rear glass if it is damaged.

Next, iFixit praised Apple’s design changes, including how the company tackled the challenge of maintaining the strength and rigidity of the device, while increasing the accessibility inside the device. Using a mid-frame helps absorb the shock of a drop in a similar way to the iPhone 13’s metal frame to avoid shock to the battery and rear glass.

Overall, the significant architectural change of the iPhone 14 results in a repairability score of 7/10, the highest for an iPhone since the iPhone 7 released in 2016.

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