iPhone and iPad users need to update the operating system immediately to prevent malicious code

iPhone and iPad users need to update the operating system immediately to prevent malicious code - Photo 1.

A series of Apple products have faced the risk of spyware since March this year – Photo: AFP

According to the newspaper New York Times, researchers at the network security monitoring organization Citizen Lab (University of Toronto, Canada) have discovered a spyware developed by NSO Group – an Israeli company specializing in the production of this type of software – capable of easily penetrate the system of Apple devices such as iPhone phones, iPad tablets, Apple Watch smart watches and Mac computers.

After being alerted to the security flaw, on September 13, Apple released an emergency update for their products.

The critical vulnerability was discovered by researchers at Citizen Lab after discovering that the iPhone of a Saudi activist was infected with spyware from NSO Group (Israel).

This spyware called Pegasus uses a new way to infiltrate Apple devices without the victim’s knowledge.

Accordingly, Pegasus uses a method known as “clickless remote mining”. Pegasus can turn on the camera and microphone on the user’s device, copy messages, emails, calls, including those sent via encrypted messaging apps and phone apps like Signal, and then mail them to NSO Group clients in many governments around the world.

“This spyware can do everything on an iPhone like the device owner can and even more,” said John Scott-Railton, senior research fellow at Citizen Lab.

Mr. John Scott-Railton and his partner Bill Marczak – another colleague at Citizen Lab – discovered the Pegasus spyware.

This discovery suggests that more than 1.65 billion Apple devices in use around the world may have been compromised by NSO Group spyware since at least March this year.

To upgrade to the Pegasus prevention update version, go to Settings – General – Software Update – click Install Now to update to iOS 14.8.


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