iPhone dominates the premium smartphone market

Theo AppleInsider, the latest report from Counterpoint Research shows that the smartphone market is declining, but Apple’s market share is still increasing. Specifically, the iPhone accounted for 62% of the high-end smartphone market share in the first quarter, up from 57% over the same period last year.

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iPhone 13 plays an important role in Apple’s growth in the premium segment

Counterpoint Research says this is Apple’s highest Q1 market share since 2017, with the iPhone 13 being the best-selling phone model globally each month since October 2021.

Overall, the market for high-end smartphones (those that cost more than $400) has been declining year-on-year. Even so, this segment is becoming increasingly important as nearly three-tenths of smartphones sold come from this segment and account for two-thirds of global smartphone value.


Counterpoint Research’s previous record also said that Apple had 5 of the top 10 smartphones in April 2022, with the top 4 positions going to the iPhone. Notably, the iPhone 13 mini did not appear on the global sales charts, and that seems to be the reason behind Apple’s discontinuation of the mini model for the upcoming iPhone 14 series.

The report also notes that the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max account for two-thirds of sales in the ultra-premium segment, which are devices priced above $1,000. This segment experienced 164% year-on-year growth, with sales driven by the US, China and Western Europe markets.

According to the report, Apple’s success in the high-end smartphone segment is largely due to Huawei’s decline. The high-end smartphone market in China still has potential as customers upgrade their devices and switch to iPhones from older Huawei devices.

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