Is it okay to stay at home to help your wife wash the dishes and sweep the house?

Is it okay to stay at home to help your wife wash the dishes and sweep the house?  - Photo 1.

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Recently, a video of a “gen Z” girl protested that elderly women asked her to cook rice and wash dishes so that the men in the house “sitting and drinking”.

“Sure people must know how to serve themselves?”, “they have two hands” – was the reason the “gen Z” girl gave to refuse to do the dishes.

Videos posted on TikTok immediately became the subject of fierce debate on social networks. Not only stopping at washing dishes, young people share many views around gender equality and feminism.

“Wow, where are you, but I went to dinner a lot of places and saw men slaughter pigs, cook cows, and mothers mostly just sit and talk about vegetables, then clean up,” argued a young man.

Another person gave an example from a story in his family: “My father doesn’t know how to cook, but when there is an anniversary or any occasion, he always helps his mother pick up and put things down, prepare a glass of wine of all kinds, not let her do by myself”.

From the online scandal, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan (33 years old, from Hanoi) shared the story in his kitchen. In the past 45 days of social distancing, he and his wife, working as workers, had to temporarily stop working. Being pregnant, the first child is still small, but his wife has never been late for the kitchen, she is in charge of going to the market and cooking for the whole family.

“Of course, it’s not only on the day of separation that she comes to the kitchen. My wife loves to cook, likes to arrange everything in the house. Her joy is to see her husband and children sitting at the table eating delicious dishes she cooks” – he shared.

Loving his wife’s hard work, after each meal, Mr. Tuan quickly cleaned up the mess of dishes and chopsticks as if he was afraid that his wife would lose her share. He “designed” for sure Separate dishwashing area, in front of the fish tank, flower pot, turning washing dishes into fun.

Every day he chooses to share with his wife in the housework. If she goes to the kitchen, Mr. Tuan chooses to wash the dishes. She cleans the house, he folds the clothes. She bathed the children, he taught them to study.

“These little things, sa chi!”, Mr. Tuan smiled gently.

Dr. Nguyen Le Hoai Anh (Faculty of Social Work, Hanoi National University of Education) shared that a part of young people today are misinterpreting feminism. The essence of feminism is fairness and equality between men and women.

For example, the concept that women were considered to only do household chores, now they can participate in politics and do business. In contrast, men, who were considered to have to do the big jobs, can now also do household chores.

“For Vietnamese women who think that not doing housework is a Western lifestyle is a deviant view, misunderstood, even confusing the concept of feminism. The notions of “four virtues, three obediences” in the system The feudal level has changed in accordance with modern society, but that does not mean that modern women forget the traditional values ​​of family style, family religion, and family training. – language – happiness is still valid for modern women to reflect on themselves for perfection”, shared Dr. Hoai Anh.

Sharing the same view, Mr. Tran Linh Son, director of the Love – Marriage – Family Counseling Center (under the Central Vietnam Youth Union), said that in order to achieve equality between women and men, The most important thing is the sharing and equality in relationships. Men share with women and vice versa, women also share with men, from which to share and unify to overcome barriers in life.

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Men are not allowed to wash dishes and sweep the house Men are not allowed to wash dishes and sweep the house

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