Is the COVID-19 pandemic over?

Is the COVID-19 pandemic over?  - Photo 1.

Americans write the names of loved ones who have died from COVID-19, poverty… on a memorial wall during an event taking place in June 2022 in Washington – Photo: AFP

With appropriate access and use of available therapeutic tools, COVID-19 can become a manageable disease with significantly reduced morbidity and mortality.

The WHO said in a recent guidance document on COVID-19 prevention for countries.

In an interview with CBS broadcast on September 18, Mr. Biden answered many issues from inflation, Taiwan to the COVID-19 epidemic, in which he said that the pandemic that raged around the world for the past three years had passed. end. But experts still debate whether the pandemic is really over.

Lots of positive signals

“We (the US) still have problems with COVID-19. We’re still doing a lot of work related to this disease. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is over,” – President Biden said in an interview with Mr. CBS, in which he said that now no one is wearing a mask and everyone is feeling well.

Indeed, the epidemic has changed enormously since Mr. Biden took office, as the daily death toll from a peak of 3,000 cases has plummeted thanks to more popular treatments and vaccines.

However, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that there are still about 400 people dying every day from COVID-19 in the country. Biden himself also battled the disease twice since July 2022 and his wife contracted the disease a month later. However, he asserted that most of the current cases are mild, indicating that the situation is much better.

The US president’s speech follows the recent positive statement of the WHO leader and in the context of many countries around the world gradually removing the remaining anti-epidemic measures.

Last week, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the world had seen “light at the end of the tunnel” and suggested this was the best time to end the pandemic.

“Last week the lowest number of weekly reported COVID-19 deaths since March 2020. We have never been in a better position than we are now to end the pandemic. We are not there yet. that goal, but the results are in sight,” said Tedros, although WHO still considers COVID-19 a medical emergency.

According to WHO officials, although there is still a possibility that the epidemic will increase again, the world already has tools such as vaccines and medicines to prevent the disease from getting worse.

Although not declaring an end to the pandemic like the US, many countries are gradually removing the last anti-epidemic measures. Last week, Japan announced that it would stop using the epidemic tracing app on phones and stop reporting the number of COVID-19 cases in detail. New Zealand lowered all barriers for visitors and removed measures such as wearing masks and compulsory vaccination from the end of September 2022.

According to Our World in Data, the world recorded an additional 19.4 million cases in the past month, and the average number of cases last week fell below the milestone of 500,000 cases/day. The WHO said the number of deaths also fell by 22% in the week of September 5-11, to about 11,000.

Is the COVID-19 pandemic over?  - Photo 3.

Source: TRAN PHUONG, United Nations – Graphics: TAN DAT

To the finish line new peace of mind

Tedros also warned that the final distance before reaching the finish line will be extremely important because of the risk of more variations, deaths and chaos as the world relaxes anti-epidemic measures. “The marathon runner never stops until he sees the finish line,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anadolu news agency quoted WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris as warning that the situation could reverse this winter when more people gather indoors, hospitals are overwhelmed…

Meanwhile, right after President Biden’s speech, America’s top medical expert Eric Fegl-Ding countered that: “The pandemic is not over. Nearly 3,000 Americans die from COVID-19 every week.. Not to mention the prolonged COVID-19 syndrome affecting millions of people.”

In Canada, expert Fahad Razak, who used to be on the government’s COVID-19 advisory group, said it was too early to declare the epidemic ended because virus variants often appear at the end of the year, causing the number of cases to increase. come back. According to him, the epidemic can be considered to be over if there is no outbreak between now and next spring. Meanwhile, University of Toronto professor Colin Furness said that the epidemic is still serious while the health system is exhausted.

Many opinions agree that the world should not ignore the COVID-19 epidemic. “Vaccines and better treatments are needed to sustain this success, but much of the world’s population still lacks access to vaccines. Research organisations, funding agencies and industry. must now lead the effort to apply lessons learned from fighting COVID-19, redirect research to the control of infectious diseases …”, the Lancet article said.

Mr. Biden: Biden: ‘The COVID-19 pandemic is over’

TTO – Appearing on CBS, US President Joe Biden said he believes the COVID-19 pandemic is over, but acknowledged the US still has “problems” with the disease, which has claimed more than one life. 1 million Americans.

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