Is turning on the air conditioner 26 degrees the best way to save electricity?

When the weather is hot, many people will say that the air conditioner is the savior. At the same time, most people turn the air conditioner to 26 degrees to be both comfortable and more energy efficient. But is that true?

1. Why do many people choose 26 degrees when turning on the air conditioner?

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The reason many people adjust the air conditioner to 26 degrees is because the weather outside is very hot, once the body sweats a lot, in such an environment, if the air conditioner temperature is too low, we are likely to be changed. Sudden heat causes discomfort and even colds.

Therefore, many people think that the indoor air conditioner temperature should not be too low, 26 degrees has the effect of creating a cool feeling, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will not be too large. Over time, 26 degrees has become a temperature scale of choice for many people.

2. Is “26 degrees” really the best?

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First of all during the day, the most comfortable air conditioning temperature is indeed between 25 and 27 degrees, but when you fall asleep at night, the body’s body temperature will produce 3 different sensations depending on the state of sleep.

Before 12 pm, the human body is in the active phase or the sleep phase, the body temperature is still relatively high, set the air conditioner at 26 degrees, which is really very pleasant. But in the second half of the night, especially after 2 am, the body is already in a deep sleep state, the body temperature will drop, if you continue to keep the temperature at 26 degrees, the body will feel very cold. .

After 4 a.m., the human body will feel even colder, so the temperature for air conditioning at night is 26 degrees Celsius, which is not the right temperature. Therefore, increasing the air conditioner temperature from 26 degrees to 28 degrees before going to bed is the right way.

Doing so will not harm the body, no need to cover a thick blanket, just a thin blanket of air conditioning can also improve the body’s resistance.

3. Can setting “26 degrees” really save power?

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Back to the issue of saving electricity that everyone cares about, when the air conditioner is operating normally, adjusting the temperature down to 26 degrees does not actually save electricity, because keeping the indoor temperature always at 26 degrees, you required for the air conditioner to run for a period of time.

Suppose that after turning on the air conditioner, the temperature is adjusted to 26 degrees, but after only one or two hours of use, turning off the air conditioner, it is completely impossible to achieve the effect of saving electricity. Because when just turned on, the air conditioner will continuously cool at a high speed to try to make the room temperature reach 26 degrees, if it is turned off before reaching the required heat level, it is obviously impossible to save money. Electrical Power.

Therefore, the energy savings when turning on 26 degrees is limited to only two hours after turning on the air conditioner and the temperature in the room has been maintained at about 26 degrees. At this time, the air conditioner will automatically adjust the temperature according to the actual situation and the operating power has switched to a stable state and a stable temperature.

4. How to be healthy and save electricity?

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As we all know, the lower the air conditioner, the more electricity it consumes, in the cooling process, every 1 degree increase in temperature can save at least 10% of electricity. However, it is difficult for our body to detect whether the temperature is 1 degree higher or lower.

The correct way to use it is to adjust the air conditioner to low temperature and strong wind when starting to achieve the cooling effect in the shortest time, and then switch to medium and low wind mode when appropriate to reduce consumption. energy loss.

Another way to save electricity is to set a timer, usually two to three hours before bed, or set the air conditioner to “sleep mode”, which can save 20% of electricity. However, it should be noted that the air conditioner should not be turned on and off frequently, not only consuming a lot of power but also easily causing equipment damage.

In addition, the air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year, especially in the summer. It is best to perform a deep cleaning before regular use. During daily use, it is best to clean the filter every two weeks, this is not only to save energy but also to protect the health of your family when using.

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