Israel injects 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine?

Speaking on public radio can of Israel on September 4, Salman Zarka said: “With the virus continuing to exist, we need to prepare for the 4th injection. This is our life from now on, along with the waves. “.

Salman Zarka thinks the booster shot could be tweaked to better protect against new variants like Delta. However, he did not specify when the fourth dose of the vaccine was given.

In August, Mr. Zarka made a similar opinion in the newspaper The Times of Israel. He suggested that booster doses of the vaccine should be given every year or every 5-6 months, based on the gradual decline of antibodies and the emergence of new variants of the virus.

“With the lessons from the fourth wave, we have to consider the possibility of subsequent waves with new variants, such as the new one from South America,” said Salman Zarka at the time. He hopes that by late 2021 or early 2022, Israel will have a vaccine that better responds to the variants.

Israel injects 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine?  - Photo 1.

The head of Israel’s Covid-19 vaccination program, Salman Zarka, in a meeting on August 29. Photo: The Times Of Israel

Israel is the first country to officially give the third dose of the vaccine from August 1 to people 60 years of age and older. The program was then extended to people 12 years of age and older, at least 5 months after the second shot.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also said the booster shot had resulted in a reduction in hospital admissions.

Last week, the Israeli Ministry of Health issued a green card to people who have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 infection. This pass allows them to visit places like restaurants and bars and expires 6 months after the 2nd or 3rd dose of the vaccine. This has led to speculations that the 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine. can be injected to renew the green card.

As of September 3, more than 2.5 million Israelis have received the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

Israel injects 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine?  - Photo 2.

A girl in Jerusalem holds a Covid-19 test kit before schools in Israel prepare to open. Photo: EPA

Recently, Israel on August 31 recorded nearly 11,000 new Covid-19 infections. This is the highest daily figure ever. According to the statistics page worldometers, Israel recorded more than 1.1 million infections and 7,154 deaths from Covid-19.

The increased infection trend in Israel is caused by the Delta mutation. However, the country is pushing ahead with plans to open up the school system for the new school year. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stressed that the current momentum of infection can be controlled through vaccination and other protective measures such as wearing masks.

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