Israeli scientists find antiviral drug that can prevent Covid-19

Code Pharma company, based in the Netherlands but with a research and development office in Israel, has completed a phase 1 clinical trial of the drug Codivir in the treatment of Covid-19.

The phase 2 trial is expected to begin next month, with the participation of about 150 patients from many countries, including Spain, Brazil and South Africa.

According to Code Pharma CEO Zyon Ayni, their goal is to complete a phase 2 trial in 3-6 months and then apply for an emergency use authorization of the drug Codivir.

Phase 1 trials have just been completed in Brazil under the approval of the National Committee for Research Ethics (CONEP). Twelve patients aged 18-60, with mild to moderate Covid-19 symptoms, participated in this trial. Seven of these were tested for Covid-19 every 2 days from the time of Codivir injection. They were given 2 doses a day for 10 days.

Israeli scientists have found an antiviral drug that

Codivir injectable antiviral drug. Photo: The Jerusalem Post

Shlomo Maayan, director of the infectious diseases unit of Barzilai Medical Center (Brazil), confirmed that 5 out of 7 patients who received Codivir injection showed a sharp decrease in viral load during treatment.

Codivir significantly inhibited viral replication in all patients, with antiviral effects noted as early as 3 days after injection.

As the rate of Covid-19 infection continues to increase worldwide, Code Pharma is preparing to apply for emergency use authorization of its product in many countries as soon as the phase 2 testing process ends. end, CEO Ayni said. The pharmaceutical company also plans to mass-produce Codivir at multiple locations around the world.

Israeli scientists have found an antiviral drug that

Code Pharma Company’s CEO, Mr. Zyon Ayni. Photo: The Jerusalem Post

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