It is predicted that the benchmark scores of many pedagogical disciplines may be much higher than the floor points

The Ministry of Education and Training has just announced the threshold score for the health and pedagogical sectors. Accordingly, the threshold for admission to university-level teacher training majors is 19 points. Particularly for Physical Education, Music Pedagogy and Fine Arts Pedagogy, the score is 18 points for the combination of 3 cultural subjects, other selection groups comply with the regulations on recruitment. current birth. The threshold for admission to the College of Early Childhood Education is 17 points for the 3 cultural subjects selection combination, the other selection groups comply with the provisions of the current enrollment regulations.

“The threshold to ensure the quality of teacher training in 2022 has just been determined, in my opinion, is appropriate. This threshold has been carefully considered and calculated on many different aspects, including the enrollment process in previous years, the actual results of the high school graduation exam in 2022, the score spectrum of each combination, and the recruitment situation. students of training institutions. This threshold was consistent with the factors mentioned above, meeting the requirements of input quality, aiming to improve training quality, and at the same time, enough for schools to have room to enroll.

For Hong Duc University, in recent years, the standard score for admission to the school has been 22, so the threshold of 19 points like this year is appropriate, which is the first step for us to be able to select learners.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hoang Ba Huyen said.

Vice President of Hong Duc University also noted that this is the minimum level for candidates. Depending on the criteria, brand reputation of each school, depending on the needs and actual registration of students’ aspirations, the schools will determine the level. benchmark.

“In my opinion, this year’s benchmark may be the same or slightly higher than last year.”said Mr. Huyen.

For Hong Duc University, the school’s standard score in 2020, especially in 2021 is quite high, from 22 points or more depending on each industry.

Assoc. This is just a prediction and the reality depends on many variables, depending on the choice of the candidate.

“Now is a very important time, candidates and parents need to consider and calculate carefully. They choose to suit their interests and abilities. Orientation counseling of higher education institutions as well as society is very necessary, so that the information to candidates and parents is most complete and accurate.”Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hoang Ba Huyen said.

Commenting on this floor score, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Minh, Rector of Hanoi National University of Education, said that to become a future teacher, it is necessary to have certain standards, initial foundations, so the threshold to ensure the quality of input for pedagogy is essential.

“Issues related to high school grades give us information that they have made a certain amount of effort in the learning process to become students in the future.

The annual pedagogical quality assurance we determine is a necessary condition. That is, there must be a minimum ability to specify the input. In the future, schools on this basis can take benchmarks that are much higher than the benchmarks set.

Candidates should note that this is a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition. For example, last year’s threshold was set at 19 points while our school’s English department took 28 points, or Math English took 27.7 points. That depends on the schools.”Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Minh said.

Rector of Hanoi National University of Education also noted that in the process of adjusting aspirations, candidates need to ensure the threshold, and ensure other conditions, such as conduct. Records must be complete and correct. On the other hand, you should refer to the admission and admission scores of different schools in recent years.

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