It is proposed that urban areas and apartments must have charging stations for electric vehicles

It is proposed that urban areas and apartments must have charging stations for electric vehicles - Photo 1.

Battery charging station for electric vehicles is arranged by VinFast at the University of Transport – Photo: LE TUNG

Ms. Phan Thi Thuy Duong – director of VinFast battery station development center – said so at the seminar “Infrastructure for electric vehicles in Vietnam” by the newspaper. Traffic in coordination with Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), Vietnam Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (VAMM).

According to Ms. Duong, in parallel with the development of electric vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and buses, VinFast has developed a system of charging stations, service workshops, and a new service of electric vehicle battery rental.

In 2021, VinFast plans 2,121 charging station locations in 63 provinces and cities with over 2,000 charging stations with nearly 40,000 charging ports. Charging stations are arranged in apartments, gas stations, rest stops, parking lots, schools… Charging stations use safe charging technology, rechargeable guns only generate electricity when plugged into electric vehicles, not when they are charged. plugged into other people, objects or vehicles.

However, according to Ms. Duong, currently the system of legal documents related to the investment and arrangement of charging stations for electric vehicles is empty because this field is still new. When building a charging station, there are local people wondering, waiting for opinions… There is also no electricity planning suitable for the layout of the charging station.

However, Ms. Duong said that Vietnam has a golden opportunity to develop electric vehicles because it has the potential to develop clean electricity like wind and solar. Electric vehicles are a new field, so Vietnam is at the same starting point as other countries in the region. Even Vietnam is the first country to have an electric vehicle manufacturer in the region.

“So we are with and slightly better than other regional countries. But if we delay 1-2 years when regional countries perfect their legal and infrastructure policies before us, Vietnam will lose opportunities and go backward. compared to them” – Ms. Duong explained.

Ms. Duong suggested that the Government quickly fill the above legal gap; Road works, urban areas, apartment buildings must have charging stations for electric vehicles…

At the workshop, the delegates also suggested that Vietnam should have more specific policies on tax and fee incentives in electric vehicle production, investment in charging stations, planning, and power supply for charging stations.

In addition, there should be regulations on transportation and recycling of lithium batteries for electric vehicles. Currently, the environmental protection law requires the recall of discarded electric vehicle batteries from 2024. However, Vietnam has not yet had a recycling business, but has moved to Singapore to recycle batteries, causing large costs, affecting car prices. Therefore, the Government should have policies to support the development of lithium battery recycling plants as well as charging stations, battery exchange stations…

VinFast is about to produce batteries for electric cars VinFast is about to produce batteries for electric cars

TTO – On August 22, Vingroup said that VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited and Gotion High-Tech Co., Ltd. (China) – one of the world’s leading names in the field of clean energy – signed a memorandum of cooperation.


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