Items that should be removed in the design of the living room


If you are an avid reader, chances are you leave them cluttered on your coffee table or desk. To make your bookshelf more organized, keep your favorite books in the most visible places, and less frequently used books should be placed high or below eye level. In addition, there are books you don’t like or don’t intend to read, give them to someone else.

Magazines and newspapers

While magazines and newspapers are a great source of knowledge, they quickly become outdated and no longer relevant. Another downside to magazines is that they often have a lot of advertising in them, so you can choose not to buy them if you don’t really need them. If you don’t want your living room to become cluttered with piles of magazines, take the time to read online magazines, they both help you update the news quickly, while ensuring the neatness of your space. your living room.

CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes

CDs and DVDs are great resources that allow us to watch hundreds of series and movies of all genres! However, these types of discs are also the cause of your living room becoming more cluttered. So keep your favorite videos, but ignore the ones you’ve already watched and don’t plan to watch again. Also, most of the movies we only see once, so it doesn’t make sense to keep them afterwards.


In most homes, we use many different electronic devices in the living room: TV, console, DVD player, computer, tablet, phone… This means you can There are different types of cables in my drawer! If you have a few cables that you don’t know what to use and you never use them, get rid of them.

Photo albums and pictures

Storing photos in albums is really cumbersome and you probably don’t see them on a regular basis. Get rid of printed photos, blurred photos or duplicate photos, you should leave some of the best photos to record your memories and memories instead of storing too much leading to clutter in the room. room.

Dead trees

If some plants are not well cared for or due to extreme weather conditions that make them impossible to live, remove them. Instead, you should choose a beautiful plant and take care of them carefully to avoid the situation of plants being lack of water, lack of light or too humid environment. It is important to take care of plants properly because they will help your home become more lively and full of life.

Home decoration

You should get rid of any decor in your living room that you don’t love or that don’t make sense to you. Having too many decorations often makes your living space look cluttered. So get rid of excess or broken decorations, or decorations that you need to clean and dust regularly.


If you keep your papers in the living room, go through each one and ask yourself if you need it. So if we don’t regularly sort and review papers, they will accumulate and add unnecessary clutter to your living space. As soon as you get some sort of paperwork, immediately assess what you need to do with it. Pay and remove the bill as soon as you receive it.

Cushions and throw pillows

Cushions and decorative throw pillows are two items that are used to create beauty in your living room. However, using too many cushions will make your space appear smaller and cluttered. Therefore, you should choose the right amount of pillows and cushions for the chair set and remove the old pillows if you don’t really need them.


If your family has small children, they probably have a lot of toys. The fact that toys are scattered everywhere will make you feel really uncomfortable when entering the living room. You’ll probably stumble across one of them and you’re tired of cleaning up this mess at the end of each day. Teach your child how to arrange toys neatly. Also, you should get rid of broken, duplicated, or unsafe toys to reduce clutter in your living room.

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