Japan arrests Vietnamese citizen suspected of transporting 3 kg of drugs

Japanese authorities arrested a 53-year-old Vietnamese woman after discovering 3 kg of drugs worth $ 1.3 million hidden in her luggage at Narita airport.

Tokyo Customs on July 27 announced that the suspect arrested was Nguyen Thi Chuyen, 53 years old, Vietnamese nationality, a factory worker in Hyogo Prefecture.

The woman is accused of transporting drugs worth 177 million yen ($1.3 million) to Narita airport on July 6. These drugs were divided into small pieces, hidden in shampoo bottles, soap boxes, essentials in suitcases that the suspect brought on the plane, according to Tokyo customs.

Drugs worth 1.3 million USD were seized by Tokyo Customs.  Photo: TBS News.

Drugs worth 1.3 million USD were discovered by Tokyo customs. Image: TBS News.

“I bought these shampoos and soaps from a supermarket in India for daily use. I didn’t know they contained drugs,” the suspect told the investigative agency.

Japanese authorities have detected a similar drug smuggling case from India, so they have stepped up monitoring and inspection. Japanese customs and police are expanding their investigation.

According to the Japan Immigration and Residence Administration (ISA), there are currently nearly 433,000 Vietnamese living in this country, accounting for 15.7% of foreigners in Japan. However, the situation of Vietnamese citizens breaking the law in Japan is still complicated.

In April, Tokyo customs also discovered many packages of drugs with a total weight of 1 kg hidden inside a box of tea being transported by air. Tokyo police then arrested two Vietnamese on charges of violating the Drug Possession Law.

Duc Trung (Theo Yahoo News, NHK)

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