Japan opposes China’s gas exploration in disputed waters

On May 21, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida criticized China’s suspected test drilling activity in the East China Sea as “unacceptable”, according to the newspaper. South China Moring Post.

The speech was made ahead of the first official visit of US President Joe Biden, who will arrive in Japan on May 22 after a trip to South Korea. Issues related to China are said to be high on the agenda between Japan and President Biden.

Theo Nikkei Asia, From May 20, Japan’s Foreign Ministry announced it had confirmed that the Beijing government was building the above gas production facility in the area where the two countries’ exclusive economic zones (EEZs) overlap. Japan’s foreign ministry said that “unfortunately, China has promoted unilateral development”.

Japan and China agreed on joint gas development in the region in 2008, but negotiations were suspended in 2010.

Japan’s Foreign Ministry said it “strongly urges the early resumption of negotiations on the implementation” of a 2008 bilateral agreement on the development of resources in the East China Sea.

Including the latest facility, the Tokyo government has documented Chinese gas development at 17 sites near what is known as the midline of its coastline, which Japan considers the demarcation line between the two countries. country..

The Chinese side argues that their exclusive economic zone extends far beyond the mainland.

Thu Anh

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