Japan ready ship-to-ship with China in Senkaku

In the station’s exclusive interview CNN Posted on September 15, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said that the Senkaku Islands (known as Diaoyu in China) are Japanese territory, which will be protected by Tokyo against any threats from China. Country equal to or more ships if necessary.

Nobuo Kishi said: “In light of China’s actions with the Senkaku Islands and other areas in the East China Sea, the Japanese government is showing its determination to protect its territorial sea with a larger number of coast guard vessels. China”. The minister affirmed that “there is no territorial dispute related to the Senkaku Islands between Japan and other countries”.

Japan is expanding its Self-Defense Forces, adding state-of-the-art F-35 fighter jets and converting warships into aircraft carriers. It is also building new destroyers, submarines and missiles. However, Minister Nobuo Kishi noted that Japan’s defense budget still does not match China’s growing military spending.

Japan is ready to ship to China in Senkaku - Photo 1.

Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi in an interview with CNN. Photo: CNN

Senkaku/Diaoyu are uninhabited islands located about 1,900 km from Tokyo and about 600 km from Shanghai, currently controlled by Japan. According to Japanese officials, Chinese coast guard ships intruded into Japanese territorial waters a total of 88 times between January 1 and the end of August. During this period, Chinese ships entered the waters adjacent to Japan. armor 851 times.

Tensions between Japan and China over sovereignty over the islands have been simmering for years. The climax was in 2012 when Japan nationalized Senkaku, which led to many protests in China.

China has repeatedly expressed its tough stance in claiming sovereignty over the Senkakus. China’s Foreign Ministry stated last year: “Diaoyu Island and its associated islands are an inherent part of China’s territory. We reserve the right to carry out patrols and law enforcement activities in the area. this sea”.

Japan is ready to ship to China in Senkaku - Photo 2.

A Chinese vessel sails near a Japanese fishing vessel near the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands. Photo: Reuters

Experts say China’s strategy is to place forces in and around disputed areas and apply its laws to that area.

Professor Alessio Patalano, majoring in war and strategy at King’s College in London (UK), said: “Exercising the coastal state’s rights is an important step in proving sovereignty. actions that continue to challenge part of Japan’s sovereign territory”.

Japan has an important ally, the United States. The two countries maintain a mutual defense treaty. In January 2021, US President Joe Biden specifically mentioned the Senkau/Diaoyu Islands in the security commitment between the two countries.

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