Japanese man is famous for working as a waitress at the age of 93

The Japanese man is famous for working as a waitress at the age of 93 - Photo 1.

Yabuta Yoshimitsu is diligent with cleaning work at McDonald’s despite being 93 years old – Screenshot Japan Today

In fact, the old man Yabuta had no intention of being famous all over Japan. He just wants to go to work every day, meet and chat with the employees or customers of McDonald’s in Takaoka Ekinan, Toyama Prefecture.

The popularity came by accident when McDonald’s created a special website to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this fast food chain’s presence in Japan. Through this website, people can vote or recommend McDonald’s stores that they think are the most special.

Many people recommend the store in Karuizawa of Nagano Prefecture because it is located at an altitude of 912m above sea level. Others recommend McDonald’s with “the best view in Japan” located in Miura Kaigan in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Someone introduced McDonald’s in Takaoka Ekinan with the caption: “The store has the oldest employee in Japan”. So fame came to old man Yabuta overnight.

According to the newspaper Japan TodayMr. Yabuta started working as a part-timer at the store in 2019, when he was 91 years old.

He applied for a job when he came across an advertisement and wanted to do something to make the most of his spare time.I ended up getting caught up in work.

Since the store in Takaoka Ekinan is open 24/7, ohHe chose to work the night shift because he was used to staying up late by looking after the internet shop after he retired.

At first, Mr. Yabuta was assigned to clean the dining tables and he impressed the manager with the cleanliness and neatness of his work.

Currently, Yabuta works 4 days a week, each shift lasts about 5 hours. After 2 years, the job also has a “promotion” because in addition to cleaning, she has now been assigned to prepare side meals such as salads.

The store manager, Mr. Kyohei Imoto, said he was very pleased that the old man always kept the shop clean and made sure the work for the morning shift went smoothly.

When asked why he went to work at such an advanced age, Mr. Yabuta replied that because he believed that he still had strength to work. She also revealed that the secret to staying healthy is to stay hydrated and stay active.

Follow Japan TodayYabuta has become an inspiration to his colleagues, with the youngest of whom is just 15 years old. A colleague shared that thanks to Yabuta’s example, he feels that age is not the biggest challenge of man anymore.


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