Jennie (BLACKPINK) was leaked in the bathtub

Many pictures showing V (BTS) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) dating are attracting the attention of the Kpop fan community recently.

Theo Ettoday Posted on September 20, the hacker – who released love photos of the two idols – continued to share pictures of Jennie bathing nude in a closed group and said: ”Jennie may have unfollowed everyone on her own account. private, but it’s too late because the photo of him dating V has been revealed. This is a picture of Jennie lying in the tub.”

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was exposed to sensitive photos in the bath - Photo 2.

Jennie’s private image in the bath was released (Image: Twitter)

This image has not been verified, but when the audience compares it with other pictures of Jennie, it shows that the angles are completely coincidental, especially the shape of the ears. Besides, many fans think that this is completely a product of photoshop, the hacker has meticulously cut each part, making it difficult for viewers to guess.

Netizens compare and say this is not a collage

However, the female idol’s fans expressed concern when the artist’s privacy was seriously violated, but the management company – YG Entertainment did not take any action to protect it.

Previously, the account that released photos of V and Jennie confirmed “nothing but the truth” and said that the dating story is real, so both companies YG and HYBE “don’t dare to do anything”.

On September 16, hackers released photos of two romantic idols during a trip to Jeju in May. A photo of V cuddling Jennie’s mother’s cat in her mother and daughter’s house was also revealed. The fan saw that the white and checkered pillowcase in the photo resembled the bed in the private house that Jennie filmed the Vlog.

According to exclusive news from jTBC NewsV participated in a private party for VIP guests to release the album Born Pink by BLACKPINK. According to insiders, V stayed and “fulfilled the role of a caring boyfriend”.

Meanwhile, when the news agency tried to contact the two idols’ agencies, a representative claimed they had no idea this party was being held.

Theo Ettoday

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