Karen Nguyen: ‘My husband didn’t dare to watch Who Am I to practice being the female lead, he was afraid he would be sad’

Recently, Karen Nguyen – the female lead Who is that once officially got on the flower car. Although she did not find the right “extreme” single on the dating show, Karen finally found “Mr. Right” for herself in real life, and has been her friend since school. On her big day, Karen broke down when she announced that she had become a mother.

Recently, Karen Nguyen shared about her newlywed life and a “storm” time on social networks with the role of “Han Tuesday” and the time she was the female lead of the show. Who is that.

Karen Nguyen: My husband did not dare to watch Who Am I to practice me as the female lead, he was afraid that he would be sad - Photo 1.

Interview with Karen Nguyen

Hi Karen, how does it feel to wake up and be “someone’s wife”?

The first is definitely “owned”, I will always wear a ring on my hand. “Monday official” feeling, more official. Before we knew each other, we had that feeling, but after the wedding day, it was officially known by the families, friends and family of both sides.

“Marriage” – how important is this keyword to you?

After getting to know each other, we openly shared that if we were to get married, we would continue, if not, please stop. Anyone entering a relationship has to put in love – time – money. I don’t want to mention the phrase “girly youth”, because boys also have their youth. But if a love affair has no purpose, it should not waste time together. We should spend it better for family, friends, work and for ourselves.

Karen Nguyen: My husband didn't dare to watch Who Am I to practice me as the female lead, he was afraid he would be sad - Photo 3.

What moment makes Karen feel that this is Mr. Your right?

After officially knowing each other for about 3-4 months, Karen sees how you treat yourself and the people around you. You also support me on the artistic path, Karen is sure this is the right person to be able to get married and be together for a long time.

From the relationship of friends that used to call you – I am now a husband – wife, brother – sister, Karen has never felt embarrassed?

Yes, very shy. Every time I call you – I get goosebumps. Not only Karen but her friends feel the same way. For Karen’s husband, it is easier for men and difficult for women. At first, both of them just called their names, then Karen often left them blank and didn’t say the subject – the predicate. It takes about 2 months to change the name.

Karen Nguyen: My husband did not dare to watch Who Am I to practice me as the female lead, he was afraid that he would be sad - Photo 4.

Have you ever thought you would fall in love with someone your own age?

Never. Previously, Karen had a bad experience of being in love with someone of the same age. It was my first love in 12th grade, a very sad feeling, like people my age can’t understand me. After that, Karen made a rule not to know people of the same age – young, only know older people, do not know classmates, the same school, it is very uncomfortable as if the address is different, let alone from you. Friends transitioning to love is very difficult.

It is said that a relationship that survives two years of the pandemic will last for another 50 years. Is it true?

Before going public, we dated, got to know each other, and started making decisions to go further. After that, when we were thinking about marriage, we got stuck in the epidemic and started living together. Karen also heard the same saying as you said. Fortunately, when they are together, the two have no problems. If we live far away, we can only talk about each other, we still live close to each other, we see each other every day, there are quarrels but it’s not a serious problem so I still feel light. When at home, the two get up together to have breakfast, cook rice, wash dishes, clean the house, but fortunately, I don’t feel stuffy. I feel this is a wise decision.

Getting married early while still quite young, do you think this is an obstacle for you on your upcoming artistic path?

When I’m young, I don’t think I’m young, art is long-term work, Karen has never thought about how many years she will work and then rest. When she met her husband, Karen’s husband was also supportive, sometimes even reading scripts with Karen, watching movies with Karen about character analysis. He said that in the past, watching movies was only for fun, but now I have to pay more attention to camera angles, acting, give me more suggestions, see the script to see if this role is suitable for me. I don’t feel afraid that I won’t do art in the future, with my husband’s support, Karen will still do it at 40 or 50 years old if given the opportunity.

So, did Karen and her husband sit back and watch the episode Who Is That Person with you as the female lead?

I don’t dare to watch it (laughs). At that time, it was just friends, but Karen knew how it felt to be with you, but there were barriers about being the same age, being in the same class, etc., so Karen used to think that person was not for her. Later, he shared that he was very sad when he saw Karen sitting on the show, not daring to watch it for fear of being sad. Before or after I made the wrong choice, my husband texted me asking me to go out alone, but I refused, only going when I had friends in the same class.

Karen Nguyen: My husband didn't dare to watch Who It Is, trained me to be the female lead, he was afraid he would be sad - Photo 5.
Karen Nguyen: My husband did not dare to watch Who Am I to practice me as the female lead, he was afraid that he would be sad - Photo 6.

Having experience in Who Is That Person, do you think anyone on a dating show can find the love of their life?

Also unlucky, in real life not sure to find, let alone on the dating show. Up there, my percentage is a little higher, people know more, maybe the program has selected so the percentage is higher. If everyone wants to try it, they should too. Time to go to work, go home, time is up, no time to meet anyone, only to see colleagues. Friends and relatives do not have any new relationships, who knows, so when they appear on the show, they may have more opportunities. On the program, I found the mistake, in real life I also found the mistake many times so that today I can make the right choice for myself. I think it takes a lot of effort in real life or on the show.

Karen Nguyen: My husband did not dare to watch Who Am I to practice me as the female lead, he was afraid that he would be sad - Photo 7.

Are you the type of person who easily misinterprets the “purple” guy as the “blue” guy?

Before joining the show, I was confident that I had sharp eyes. However, when I was the female lead, everyone tried to deceive me by acting, and I realized that I wasn’t very sharp.

Karen’s attitude when participating in Who Is That Person is just looking for “the other half” or wants to go on a show to have a chance to appear on television?

Karen thought that if she wanted to appear on one show, there would be many other shows after that show, but Karen didn’t accept the offer. When filming part 1, Where Are You?, Karen was in love, very happy, happy, finished filming that day and planned to fly to Hanoi the next day. When filming part 2, people were afraid that Karen was too happy to film, but who would have thought that Karen’s mood was very sad at that time. I confide my love story to Kawaii, Ms. Chau, Ms. Giang, everyone comforts me, advises me to join Who Is That For fun, maybe I find new love.

On a dating program to share old love stories, Karen is afraid that her husband’s family will have different thoughts about you?

At that time, Karen did not think far about getting married, Karen only thought of opportunities for herself, I wanted to find love for myself first, I had to love myself to know how to love others. The stories I share are not too much, nothing too serious. Everyone has their own silly emotional side, so I don’t think everyone has a problem.

Thanks to the hotness of the series You Are Where You Are, so whenever people mention you, people often associate your name with the name “tieu tam”, “tuesday”. Now that Karen is a married woman, if people call it that, don’t you think it’s a bit too much for you?

Karen is very grateful for the love from everyone. Thanks to this role, Karen is known and loved by everyone, but now she is also a bit awkward. Not only because Karen is now a wife, but also about to become a mother, Karen does not want her children to grow up to see such articles. I understood before, but after Karen got married, if people still call me that, I’m a bit sad.

Karen Nguyen: My husband didn't dare to watch Who Am I to practice me as the female lead, he was afraid he would be sad - Photo 8.

What did Karen prepare to welcome her first child?

I’m just preparing mentally to be most comfortable, just waiting for the day of the ultrasound to see my baby is the most fun. Everything else has to come close to the time of birth to prepare.

Why didn’t Karen wait for the birth to be more beautiful and beautiful before getting married to make everything look more complete, but chose this time to get married and publicize having children?

Actually, at first Karen was thinking the same thing, but Karen thought it was funny. I say “running the deadline” is true. I read the comments people said that I got married and voted. It’s 4.0 era, so I don’t need to get married, but I want to have an anniversary during this time. On the big day, when I look at the album, I also find myself in that picture. Karen thinks there’s no need to wait anymore because we’ve been waiting for the whole year, our parents have been waiting for a long time.

Karen Nguyen: My husband didn't dare to watch Who Am I to practice me as the female lead, he was afraid he would be sad - Photo 10.

As an experienced person playing the role of “small tam”, how did Karen destroy the satellites around your husband?

Karen directly told her husband that she did not know how to keep her husband, Karen only knew how to keep herself, her husband also had to keep himself. Boys and girls always have satellites on the street, everyone is like that, so you have to keep yourself first, keep yourself to keep yourself happy. If I don’t know how to keep my happiness, one day I’ll lose it, I’ll try to bear it.

Karen Nguyen: My husband did not dare to watch Who Am I to practice me as the female lead, he was afraid that he would be sad - Photo 11.

After the wedding, having a baby, what will Karen’s next project be?

There are also many projects but I have not revealed them yet. After the baby is born, I will return to the projects as soon as possible. Karen’s husband also agrees.

Thank you Karen Nguyen for your sharing!


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